Build Thread: Skytop Guitars - 'The Full Moon'

We kept in close contact with Eric Weigeshoff of Skytop Guitars during the process of a very exciting guitar which he is currently building for us, named "The Full Moon".

We asked Eric about the Grand Auditorium model which he is building for us, his choice of woods and what we can expect from this instrument tonally. It has been so exciting and fascinating watching this build come to life via Eric's photographs and we are so excited to share this with you. This guitar has just been completed and is expected to arrive at the TNAG showroom within the next couple of weeks.

It really is an absolutely stunning guitar and we are eagerly awaiting getting our hands on it.

Here's what Eric had to say about this build:

TNAG: Please tell us more about your Auditorium Model

My Auditorium model is quite a bit larger than my other two models (Grand Concert and Modified Parlour), but still retains a “small-instrument feel” due to the really tight waist. Most people are surprised that it is a 16” lower bout when playing it. The actual dimensions are:

Body Length - 20”
Lower Bout - 16”
Waist - 8-1/2”
Upper Bout - 11-1/4”
Depth - 4-5/8”
Scale - 24.9”

So, its tight waist, relatively narrow depth, and 24.9” scale really gives the player a big guitar in a small guitar’s clothing. Originally designed to be a flatpicker, the Auditorium really excels in fingerstyle… the large lower bout mixed with the tight waist creates a nuanced sound that is backed up with a big punch of bass.

TNAG: Why do you like working with Ebony for back and Sides?

Working with ebony is always a challenge. I broke the first set of sides I was bending (Actually, they exploded) and always find that it is more difficult to deal with tool-wise, as it tends to dull everything quickly. However, it’s worth all the hassle for the incredible beauty of it, and the great tone that ebony gives! I find it to be glass-like, with a lot of projection, specifically in the middle registers. I just love it.

TNAG: What can we expect from this instrument tonally?

Tonally, The Full Moon will be really well-rounded…. bass and mids crisp and crunchy with clean projection all up and down the neck. The mix of Alpine Moon Spruce and Pale Moon Ebony should combine to make a really booming sound with no loss of nuance. Fingerstyle, flapicking, strumming, you name it… It should really be a monster!

And the completed guitar...

You can find out more about this guitar and pre-order it here.
If you would like to know any more about this instrument or Skytop guitars, please get in touch by emailing or calling us on 020 7835 5597.

Have a lovely weekend!


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