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Inside the Workshop & Mind of Michael Spalt

Michael Spalt of Spalt Instruments is something of an enigma in the guitar world. His vision and ability to pivot between the art world and the guitar world is rare and incredibly beautiful. We have been lucky enough to represent Michael and his phenomenal guitars for some time now and have brought into the UK a selection of not only incredible playing and sounding guitars but visually captivating can certainly spot a Spalt Instrument from miles away and hear one from even further.

Michael's NAMM Show this year was an incredibly successful exhibition. Exhibiting a selection of absolutely jaw-dropping instruments, including the awe-inspiring NAMM special 'Matador' (a 'Picasso' inspired guitar and exhibition case), the players' model the 'Tool' and one of TNAG's favourite Spalt guitars, the H624. 

 The Matador...

The H624...

The Tool...

We absolutely loved the Boutique Guitar Showcase's insightful video into the workshop and mind of one of the guitar industries leading pioneers and true artists Michael Spalt...

Look out for our NAMM interview with Michael in the coming weeks...

Until next week...have a great weekend.


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