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Introducing Henriksen Amps

Picture the scene. TNAG's Ben and I are walking the NAMM show floor. Amongst the swathes of different guitar products on display and through the wall of sound that their demoing produces, we stumble across our friend Adam Miller showcasing the new Avian 2017 range (they're coming, more info in the next couple of weeks!) with the assistance of the tiniest, but brilliant sounding, amp we have ever seen. If you've carried around an AER compact 60 before, think about one third the size and you can start to understand quite why we were blown away by the Henriksen Bud.


A two channel, phantom-power and reverb equipped amp with an output of 120 watts, the Bud is the guitarist's equivalent to the tardis.


Henriksen's first model was the Jazz Amp, providing a solution for jazzers looking for sufficient tone and power in a portable package. Back in 2015, the company turned their hand at doing the same for acoustic guitarists and songwriters, and thus the Bud was born.

The Bud is suitable for any acoustic stringed instrument and, thanks to a genius tweeter on/off switch, can also be used as an electric guitar amp. Thanks to the incredible amount of clean headroom, even at high volumes, the Bud is very much giggable, and even comes with a padded gig bag to sling over your shoulder.

See the Henriksen Bud in action below:

Our first shipment of Buds came off the Henriksen production line this week, and are currently on their way to TNAG HQ as I type!



The Henriksen Bud is available to pre-order from our first shipment now. Click here to purchase or find out more. If you'd like to get in touch, simply call us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email

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