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Introducing James Trussart Guitars!

We are absolutely thrilled to represent the superb work of LA based luthier James Trussart! James is a true maverick of the lutherie field who's metal bodied instruments have become some of the most desirable electric guitars in the world!

With a hugely diverse client list (everyone from The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Tom Morello, The Black Crowes, Lianne La Havas, to Metallica, Iggy Pop, Ziggy Marley and Sheryl Crow!) The chances are you've seen and heard a Trussart in action, perhaps without even realising it!

Let's have a look at one of the most popular Trussart models, the Rust O Matic Holey SteelCaster. This guitar has just arrived at TNAG HQ!

So, a steel "T-Style" body with a perforated top and back and a maple neck (with a superbly comfortable '62 style carve and a gorgeous oxblood stain) and Rosewood fingerboard.

It's strange, although there have been guitars featuring some combination of metal and wood (think resonator!) for the best part of a century...The ones that work (i.e. sound GOOD!) are uniformly those with metal bodies and wooden necks (eg. the Teuffel Birdfish, the Tokai Talbo, anything by Fine Resophonic etc) whereas those with metal necks on wooden bodies (even the Kramers of the 1970's-mid '80s with the wood inserts) just don't cut it sonically... Trussart guitars sound incredible.

The first thing that you notice is the weight. Or lack of it. The guitar is very light indeed, a joy to wear. The acoustic tone is loud and very vibrant with amazing sustain. Both reassuringly familiar and new and exciting playing a Trussart guitar for the first time is quite an experience! They really do feel alive! The pickups are a pair of Arcane Inc single coils made specially for Trussart guitars.

Listen to it in action below!

Also just arrived at TNAG HQ is this sublime engraved Snakeskin SteelCaster!

Just look at that...

The face of the instrument has a textured snakeskin engraved finish (in matte black in this instance) while the back is perforated. The Maple neck features a black/purple stain... stunning!

In this case the Arcane Inc telecaster style bridge pickup is joined by a TV Jones T-armond at the neck giving some superb tones!

A very special instrument indeed!

Check it out below!

In addition to the SteelCaster model James Trussart also makes the frankly ferocious SteelDeville, a twin-humbucker single cut with a simply huge sound! This superb example is available now at TNAG HQ!

The SteelDeville features two Arcane Inc PAF style hum buckers and Les Paul style controls with a 3-way selector switch and volume and tone knobs for each pickup.

The 24-fret neck is Mahogany and feels exceptionally comfortable along the entirety of its length.

This is a superb guitar with a massive tonal range and sustain for days...

Check it out in action below!

These are the first Trussart Guitars we have had but there will be many more to come! For more information or to book an appointment please contact us at

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