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Introducing Victoria Amps

We are extremely proud to welcome Victoria Amps to our accessories section.

Headed by Mark Baier, Victoria Amps faithfully recreate Fender amps exactly the way they were built in the 1950s. In Mark's words, "it's like going back in a time machine to 1959 and buying a piece of electronics".

Mark started Victoria Amps in 1993 having been disappointed in not being able to purchase what he eventually ended up building - a Fender guitar amp that sounded like it did back in 1959.

After deciding that, if he wanted to find what he was looking for, Mark would have to build it himself, so he reverse engineered every component from the original amps and built his amps exactly how they were made in the 1950s!

Our first batch of Victoria Amps consists of five amps:


This very cute little five-watt amp packs a punch and is a tribute to the Fender 5F1 Champ from the 1950s.

Electro King

The Victoria Electro King is an idealised recreation of the classic McCarty era GA-40. Its circa 1957 circuit features two cathode biased 6V6s for 15-watts of recording and small club power.


The Victoria Victoriette possesses the warmth and clean headroom of a blackface Deluxe, with the character, charm, and dynamic response of a Class A British amp, but it is a knockoff of nothing.


A combo amp featuring reverb and tremolo, The Victoria Regal is a pure, single-ended class-A design that utilises a new 'Adaptive Transformer Technology' that allows for the use of one or two power tubes at the same time. Therefore, operating power is rated from 5 watts to 35 watts; and at 5 watts, it's a REAL 5 watts, not some squashed approximation of 5 watts.

Two Stroke

The Victoria Two Stroke is a single-ended Class A valve amp with an output of 4 to 10 watts.

All of the above Victoria Amps are available to purchase here.


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