Introducing VVT Amps

Our showroom is currently lined with a full fleet of VVT Amplifiers; from lightweight heads to big wattage combos. These amps cover a wide array of purposes, whether they’re being used as studio workhorses or as the cornerstone of a high volume live rig. While these VVT Amps hold their own with just a guitar and a cable, they also make incredible pedal platforms and can be dialed in to meet the needs of any player.

At the core of our VVT lineup is the Jack Pearson Signature Model series, which contains three wattage variants. The collaboration between Jack Pearson and VVT first began in 2013 with the 40W 1x15 Combo. This flagship model is a versatile, 6L6 amp with a 5U4 tube rectifier and controls for Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Reverb.

As Jack quickly began to increasingly favor his VVT signature amplifier, he requested an amp with more depth, power, and volume for larger stages and outdoor scenarios. VVT delivered with the 80W version of his signature model. The amp features the same basic layout and controls of its 40W predecessor, while adding a Reverb Tone control and a GZ34/5AR4 tube rectifier. With 80W of clean headroom, and the ability to dial in any flavor of reverb, this amp provides dynamic clean tones and receives any pedal or effect incredibly well. Additionally, this amp includes a half power switch, allowing it to shine in countless playing situations.

Finally, Jack envisioned a neatly packaged version of his signature amp for practice volumes, on-the-go jam sessions, and grab-n-go scenarios. VVT answered the call with the Jack Pearson Signature 35W Head. Weighing in at just 20 pounds, and no larger than a lunchbox, this travel-ready head provides the tone and versatility you’d expect from a Jack Pearson Signature Model amp. VVT slimmed down the circuitry of this iteration by omitting the reverb, adding an effects loop, and utilizing a solid state rectifier, without sacrificing an ounce of tone. With an added Presence control and Master volume, this version of the Jack Pearson Signature is equipped for any application.

Similar to the Jack Pearson Signature Series, the Lindy Fralin model is the byproduct of a collaboration between VVT and the iconic pickup builder. This 6L6 powered single channel amp is voiced with a bright switch for Lindy’s P90s, and employs an integral diffuser over its 15” Eminence speaker to tame any beamy high frequencies. The result of this collaboration is a lightweight combo that performs great at low volumes, and is loaded with big clean chime-like tones.

Lastly in the lineup is the compact “D-Style” X-Model. This affordable innovation is inspired by the Dumble HRM of the 90s, and breaks the price barrier without sacrificing quality components. Its overdrive channel creates the rich organic tone that made D-Style amps notorious. The gain and volume controls of the overdrive channel allow the player to dial in endless overdrive controls at any volume level. Similarly, the clean channel features a Master Volume as well as a foot-switchable preamp boost, providing versatility and desirable edge-of-breakup tones.

Across this lineup of versatile amps, you can expect a common thread of tonal versatility, high quality components, and top notch build quality. These VVT amps are featured in countless of our electric guitar demo videos, and we’re thrilled to have them here at The North American Guitar.
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