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NAMM 2019: Jamie Gale of the Boutique Guitar Showcase

As many will know we are a big supporter of the Boutique Guitar Showcase (BGS) and of course The BGS Tour. Having grown at an incredible rate since its birth 3 years ago, this year at The Winter NAMM show it is safe to say it was a knock out success! The BGS has enablable the voice of many small workshop luthiers to be exhibited at leading shows such as NAMM, Summer NAMM & the BGS Tour, giving a lot of them a chance to reach a wider audience and global reach. We managed to grab 5 minutes with its founder and curator Jamie Gale to congratulate him on the show and see what he has in store for this year...

From all of us here at The North American Guitar a big congratulations and look forward to the BGS 2019 Tour.

For more information on The Boutique Guitar Show Case please visit

Have a great weekend.


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