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New arrivals from Gaffney, Sexauer, CP Thornton and more!

It's Monday, which means it's time to take a look at some new arrivals in both The Gallery and The Exchange.

This week our pre-owned selection comes from the likes of Sexauer, Suhr and CP Thornton, whilst the gallery has been graced with a brand new instrument from the legendary Julian Gaffney.

Scroll down below to have a look our guitars that have just arrived.

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As many builders, even in the boutique world, move towards machine-efficiency and optimization, some luthiers continue to craft their guitars painstakingly by hand, one at a time, crafting each component as needed. One such luthier is Bruce Sexauer, who uses each instrument as an opportunity to consciously refine and improve his process, never building the same guitar twice. Bruce crafts each of his guitars with hot hide glue and an ultra-thin and light oil varnish finish - a slow process made possible by the fact that he selectively builds only 10-12 guitars a year. This FT-15-es has a lower bout of 15", depth of 4", and curve that puts it squarely into OM territory. With a Polish (European) spruce top and Brazilian rosewood back and sides, it has a distinctive character all its own. Surprisingly powerful overall, it's got an extra sparkle and clarity in the high end that is especially well-suited to fingerstyle. The Brazilian rosewood has a beautifully even grain, and is accented by Amazon rosewood for the binding and custom wood purfling. This guitar is in excellent condition, all the more impressive given the delicate oil varnish finish. With craftsmanship, tonewoods and versatility like this, this FT-15-es could easily be your "one and only".

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Bunting took the shape, style and comfort of the Melody Queen’s offset body and mated it with a T-style bridge. This marriage results in classic sweet tones that are both familiar and fresh at the same time. This Melody Queen is in their beautiful "Vanilla" oil-based finish and has a nice lightweight body made from very resonant German spruce mated with a nicely figured Bosnian maple neck, topped with a beautiful Madagascar rosewood fretboard. The Mojo Firebird neck pickup is the perfect match for this guitar's Wolftone T-Style bridge pickup, which has a full spectrum tone without the harsh treble of many T-style guitars. The Firebird mini has a sweet, toppy, and slightly compressed tone that gives you a killer combination of humbucker warmth and single-coil chime.

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The latest addition to our collection of instruments from NY-based luthier Julian Gaffney is another exquisite Modified Dreadnought. From the tonewoods to the fine appointments, we couldn't be more thrilled with the result.

A familiar design for any Somogyi fans, the modified dreadnought was created to give fingerstylists and other players who prefer to play seated a comfortable large-bodied instrument. On this model, redwood and Brazilian rosewood come together for a tone that is open, ethereal and orchestral. For folks who love the dark warmth of cedar, redwood offers a similar tone, but with an added clarity and bite in the midrange. It's perfect for balancing out the "scooped-out" sound of Brazilian rosewood. And as usual, the large-bodied dreadnought size is ideal for maximizing all the best features of Brazilian rosewood. The sustain, the bell-like sweetness in the high end, the overtones - this guitar has it all in spades. This is the guitar for the adventurous player who loves to dive into every drop tuning under the sun.

To accent this guitar's otherworldly tone, Julian took the rosette in an interesting direction, making half an intricate woven pattern in light brown, ivory and green, and the other a pair of abalone half-rings. On the headstock, there's a framed strip of abalone that has an Art Deco feel. The overall impact is dramatic and distinctive, without being flashy or over the top.

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This Suhr Ian Thornley Signature Classic S “Roughneck” in 2-tone Tobacco Burst has all of the incredible tone and playability that you would expect to find in an instrument with Ian Thornley’s signature on the back. The Classic-S has an alder body and a roasted maple neck with his custom “Ian Thornley V” neck shape. An Aldrich Humbucker neck and bridge pickup and an ML Standard in the middle position combine with Ian’s custom wiring to give you access to a complete range of tone, covering any genre you can imagine playing. Driving riffs, soaring leads, and clean, clear rhythms - it's all here.

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Handmade in Sumner, Maine, the Contoured Legend is CP Thornton's take on the classic single-cut solid-body electric, albeit with a few tweaks for comfort and modern playability. The body and neck are both solid mahogany, providing plenty of warmth and sustain, while the bolt-on neck joint alleviates the age-old headstock break problem so often found on similar looking vintage instruments. 6-in-line tuners help keep the tuning stable, while Chuck's impeccable fretwork paired with the MojoAX Wraparound keep the intonation dead-on up and down the neck. It also features belly, arm, and neck pocket contours for comfort and extended playability (plus it cuts down on the weight; always a bonus!). Rounding things out are the Bareknuckle Mule Humbuckers, a vintaged voiced set that are just as pretty clean as they are snarly when played through an overdriven amp. If you love the sound of those old solid-body single-cuts but want some modern creature comforts and unique style to boot, this two-tone Lake Place/Blueprint Blue Contoured Legend might be the one.


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