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Just Arrived - Crowther Audio Effects!

We are very happy to announce that we are now stocking Crowther Audio pedals!

Our ethos at TNAG has always been that we'll only stock products that we would use ourselves. Initially based on a recommendation by Hugh Price of Guitar and Bass magazine I have had a hotcake on my own pedal board for the best part of 15 years! Tremolo's, Fuzz, delays and wah's have come and gone but there has always been a hotcake of some type as my main drive.

Here it is, the wonderful Crowther Hotcake!


In a world full of "luxury" overdrive pedals the Crowther Hotcake stands out. It's not trying to be a Klon or the finest handmade Tube Screamer known to man (with original NOS wiring and Gen Gakki fresh air) it's an original sound and it's a good one!

In fact, the only thing I'd want more on my board than a Hotcake is the Double Hotcake! This gives you the option of a cascading gain stage (always a pleasure) as well as the flexibility of two pedals in one.


The third pedal in the Crowther Audio range is the award-winning Prunes and Custard! This is a harmonic generator which as you crank up the drive adds new textures to your sound from Taurus bass pedal thunder to lo-fi fuzz. It's a huge amount of fun!


Full video demos are incoming but in the meantime here is my own hotcake in action with Beverley Martyn at Royal Festival Hall. The amp (a Vox AC30) was set to the point of breakup and then hit with the Hotcake with all the knobs set at 12.

For more information about these wonderful pedals, or to book an appointment please do get in touch!

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