Just Arrived: Episode 1

Just Arrived: Episode 1. Two beautiful new Bourgeois guitars and a pair of magnificent vintage-inspired instruments from Minerva Fretworks.

Every day we’re bringing more of the world’s finest guitars into our Nashville showroom, ready to ship to all our customers around the world. But more guitars mean one thing: more video content.
We know you all love our demos from the inimitable Carl Miner and Lance Allen, so while they do their thing making those guitars sing, we’re going to be bringing you three new video series about all these guitars we get in every single day to educate and entertain—from the latest arrivals, to flagship reviews of the most sought-after guitars, and to our team’s pick of the week. And it all starts this month!
From here on out, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we’re bringing brand new episodes of:
TNAG Just Arrived. Every Monday, we’re bringing you a brand-new episode of TNAG Just Arrived where we showcase the instrument (or instruments!) that’ve have really captured our hearts as they enter the showroom. We’ll offer a walkaround of the instruments (not so much playing here as we’ll leave that to Presents and Pick of the Week) and our team’s take on what makes them special.
TNAG Presents. Every Wednesday, you’ll get a new episode of TNAG Presents. This is the one you’ll want to pin in your diaries… our reviews of the most special instruments that we stock. You’ll get the full lowdown of how the instrument sounds, the appointments, the story behind the luthier, and, of course, the woods.
TNAG Pick of the Week. Every Friday, you’ll get a new episode of TNAG Pick of the Week (or POTW). Think of this as a conversation with everyone in the store. Alternating each week, the team in Nashville will be selecting an instrument truly worthy of a POTW. They’ll tell you why they’ve picked it, what makes it unique, and treat you to some playing.
TNAG Just Arrived: Episode 1... What's in this week's episode?
1933 and 1935 come to life with these two guitars from Minerva Fretworks

Minerva 1933 L-00 14-Fret in Cherry and Engelmann Spruce, $2,900

This Minerva 1933 L-00 14-Fret is a prime example of what one can expect when purchasing a Minerva guitar. The Engelmann Spruce top, paired with its Cherry back, sides, and neck, come together to create a playing experience that is nothing short of satisfying. The Cherry brings out a brightness and immediacy that is similar to Maple, while still retaining a soft, subtle warmth that is reminiscent of Mahogany.
The home-brewed, hand rubbed spirit varnish allows the guitar to breathe, making it extremely dynamic and responsive, ideal for both picking or fingerstyle playing. This Minerva L-00 is constructed of 99% native woods and is perfect for those looking for a high quality, handmade guitar that feels and sounds as if it was 85+ years old. 
Find our more here.

Minerva 1935 Smeck 12-Fret in Mahogany and Sitka Spruce, $3,400

This Minerva 1935 Smeck 12-Fret is Minerva’s take on the revered Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe. The Sitka Spruce top paired with its Mahogany back, sides, and neck, give the guitar a large voice, with rich and complex harmonics and overtones.
It sounds and feels as if it was built in the 1930s, and has been taken care of and played passionately for the last 85+ years. This Minerva 1935 Smeck is perfect for those looking for a high quality, handmade guitar that embodies the spirit, feeling, and tone of the guitars of yesteryear.
Find out more here.

Dana Bourgeois hits the right notes with another two beauties harking back to the golden age of guitar making 

Bourgeois JOMT Vintage Heirloom Series in Indian Rosewood and Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce, $5,595

Unique to Bourgeois’ diverse lineup of guitars, the Bourgeois JOMT Vintage HS Heirloom Series is ideal for those who desire a guitar that is larger than a traditional OM, but does not require the right arm reach of a full sized dread.
Its Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, Animal Protein glue construction, and scalloped X-Bracing effortlessly come together to create a tonality that is reminiscent of the coveted pre-war guitars of yesteryear. The JOMT’s unique dimensions make it slightly deeper than an OM, yet shallower than a Dreadnought, while having a larger waist than its smaller cousins, and an equivalent length and width as a dread. This gives the JOMT a big enough voice to take on any playing situation. 
Find out more here.

Bourgeois D Vintage Professional in Indian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce $5,031

Bourgeois’ Vintage Professional series has been a cornerstone of their lineup for decades, and this brand-new Bourgeois D Vintage Professional is a prime representation of the seamless marriage of vintage looks and tone with modern innovation.
The Adirondack Spruce top matched with its Indian Rosewood back and sides give this dread unparalleled projection, as well as a robust low-end presence that does not get muddy or boomy. This is largely due to Dana’s modified x-bracing, which scallops only the bass side in addition to lightening its tone bars. This modern innovation keeps Bourgeois’ dreads balanced in tone throughout their lifetime. 
Find out more here.

See you on Wednesday for our first episode of TNAG Presents!



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