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Just Arrived Rick Turner M1 - in Redwood!

Check out this incredible Rick Turner M1 BP Standard! This beautiful instrument features a chambered Redwood body. Redwood is an extremely sought after material for acoustic guitar soundboards as it is extremely resonant with a high overtone content.


"We made this custom limited edition of redwood bodied Model 1s specially for our friends at the North American Guitar, and went with a translucent black "smoked glass" finish to add just a bit of mystery to the look."

- Rick Turner


This super light-weight guitar brings a new personality to the M1 design. The response is as immediate as ever but there's even more going on in the upper harmonic range.


We also have Rick's active electronics featuring his powerful and expressive boost and quasi-parametric EQ system for some incredibly rich and musical tones.



Hear this amazing instrument in action right here!

For more information on this extraordinary instrument or to book an appointment at our London showroom please do get in touch

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