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Kostal Guitars at Woodstock

Jason would be the first to admit that although this year has been an absolutely knock out year for Kostal Guitars it has most definitely not been without its challenges, and I think I speak for the entire guitar community when I say how fantastic it was to see the full recovery Jason had made from his recent surgery.

Over the weekend Jason and I got to talk non-stop about 2018 plans for Kostal Guitars, put in the first draft for 2018 specs and even order some outstanding sets of woods (more to come on this).

This year Woodstock show Jason exhibited two incredible instruments. An MDW in Koa & German Spruce (SOLD) and an OMC in Walnut & German Spruce (AVAILABLE). Both absolutely phenomenal and both heading to The North American Guitar!

As you can imagine the popularity of the MDW has seen many orders come in in 2017 and so the speed at which this MDW in Koa sold was no surprise.

MDW in Koa & German Spruce (SOLD)

Here is a little video of the guitar at the show being exhibited...

OMC in Walnut & German Spruce (available)

Click here for more information:

Big thanks to Jason for showing me around Woodstock and having me to stay at his house, look forward to seeing you soon..

For more information on Kostal Guitars and the remaining available slots for 2018 and incoming guitars headed to The North American Guitar please contact hello@thenorthamericanguitar or call us on 0207 835 5597.

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