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La Salon De La Belle Guitare / Guitares au Beffroi - Paris 2017

This past weekend heralded the annual "Guitares au Beffroi" show in Paris France! Now in its fifth year the show attracts luthiers and guitar companies from all over the world to exhibit at its "Salon de la Belle Guitar". 


This was a fantastic opportunity to catch up with the European guitar community (especially as there will be no Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin until 2018). 


Jason Kostal was flying in from the USA to exhibit at the show which presented us with a chance for a reunion with a wonderful Cocobolo and German spruce jumbo, built in 2015, that has recently arrived in our pre-owned section! 


This was a special moment. #76 is one of Jason's favourite guitars and he was delighted to hear how its voice has matured since 2015 when he made it for the Memphis Guitar Show. Check out the video below for more of Jason's thoughts on this beautiful instrument. 

And here are more pictures from the show itself.

Maybach guitars (Fr) had some extremely authentic looking relics on offer in both fullerton and kalamazoo variants...


No guitar collection is complete without a gold-foil packing offset! 


This was certainly my first sighting of a V-Jr style guitar. 


Lowden guitars were out in force!


Recent CITES developments have led to caution amongst guitar builders all over the world and Lowden are now using alternative woods for their bridges. What's this? Answers on a postcard. 


It was a real pleasure to catch up with OAK's Eric Boroian who stopped by to try out the Kostal Jumbo. 


You may remember OAK from their beautiful TNAG session a couple of years ago. 

Firmly in the "weird and wonderful" section we have these cubist instruments.


And here we have some rare examples of the work of Frank Cheval, long regarded as one of France's finest luthiers. 


Some very pleasing lines on this arch-top!


Our friend Pierre Journel of La Chaine Guitare in this case interviewing Alastair from Lowden Guitars. 


Look out for a full interview with La Chaine Guitare where Jason Kostal, Pierre and I look at #76 in detail!


Jason was thrilled to catch up with another of the luthiers on our roster, the legend that is Mike Lewis of Fine Resophonic Guitars!


And it's always great to see Kevin Drost of


I'd like to thank Armel Amoit and his team for looking after us so well and putting together a fine show. It's worth pointing out that despite its small scale, this show had the best live sound that I have experienced for years! There is live footage of my concert for Kostal guitars in the pipeline (hopefully they'll edit out, or maybe even overdub, my appalling French!)


Finally, you may wonder what it feels like to transport £40,000 of instruments on the Eurostar (I also had my Kostal MDW with me). I can reassure you that with both guitars in Hoffee cases my mind was at ease. 


We are adding these wonderful carbon fibre cases to our accessories line up, get in touch for more details!

All the best


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