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We're trying something new today and doing a little "Staff Picks" round up!

Lindsay here, Head of Content and Social Media at TNAG. While I'm primarily a Celtic-influenced fingerstyle player, I've also done my share of drop-D accompaniment for Irish tunes and dabbled in bluegrass and country backing and fiddle tunes, so I can appreciate everything from modern parlors to classic vintage dreadnoughts. While many would characterize my playing style as soft, pretty, and well-suited to lush rosewood guitars, I am always on the lookout for instruments that have a good measure of focused woody bite and can take some Bert Jansch-influenced snapping and bending. I like a little grit!

A quick glance through my ever-evolving Picks and you'll probably notice my bias towards the mid-sized OMs, but I'll be sure to highlight other guitars, bigger and smaller, that have won my heart, too! Scroll down to check out a handful of my favorites currently in the shop...

Sold out

I've always been a pretty strict one guitar kinda gal, but when Jeff Jewitt dropped this guitar off with us last month, I started to rethink that stance. If you already own a rosewood and spruce dreadnought or OM, what better tonal contrast could there be than a 00 in redwood and walnut? Jeff's goal with his 00 design is to get OM-level volume and presence out of the smaller size, which he does by rounding out the lower bout while preserving the comfortable size. Redwood can sometimes be a little harsh in the highs to my ears, but pairing it with walnut brings out a lovely warmth and strong midrange.

Mark Gaiero's OM-13 in surfer redwood and walnut (sadly already sold) has only further stoked this interest for me.

Sold out

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know about my recent acquisition of the other Brondel A-2 cocobolo we got in the shop earlier this year. This one stands toe-to-toe. Both check all my boxes for what I'm looking for in a primary guitar, and in addition to that, I truly love Laurent's build philosophy and approach. He's straight-forward, and balances a bit of modern innovation with traditional guitar design.

Sold out

David Mathis and his team down at Gallagher sought to craft the go-to fingerpicker's guitar with the GA-60, and truthfully, it doesn't get much better. Indian rosewood doesn't get as much attention as it should in the boutique market, but in the hands of skilled luthiers, it offers up a wonderful, wide-ranging palette that records and mics extremely well. And for folks who are primarily fingerpickers and light strummers, the warm and quick response of cedar is perfect.

Sold out

On the spectrum of mahogany to rosewood, every now and then you come across guitars that seem to have the best of both worlds. Drew Lowry's Carrick model is an OM-inspired guitar that toggles easily between flat- and fingerpicking, but its articulate voice is at its best with a commanding attack (which, truthfully, Carl's better at drawing out than I am!). I also love that Drew lets the tonewoods stand on their own aesthetically, too. Simple and elegant.


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