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Luthier Focus: Casimi Guitars


As many of you may know, we first met Casimi Guitars after the 2014 London Acoustic Guitar Show at our old showroom back in Fulham. I remember the day well because none of us knew what to expect. We get asked quite a lot here at TNAG to view luthiers' work for either advice on the instruments they are hoping to sell in the marketplace or for representation of their brand. So, of course, as we do with all enquirers, we arranged an appointment and put the kettle on.

No-one could have imagined what was in store! Matthias and Matthew brought in two guitars. One was a C1 Standard and the other a C2 Signature. After picking up our jaws from the floor at the sheer elegance and unique flow and style of the guitars, we began inspecting. Beautiful ... just beautiful! From the design of the headstock to the rosette motif and the fingerboard to the hollow bridge with magnetic string cover, everything about these guitars was original and stunning. They had managed to fuse the essence of their country and brand into a modern-styled, luthier-built instrument but cleverly retaining the heritage and feel of the acoustic guitar we know and love so well.
The Casimi Team : Matthew Rice & Matthias Roux
But what did they sound like? The C2 had an extraordinarily powerful and muscular tone, with an immediate response and crisp bite. Perfect for the modern day fingerstyle player, while the C1 had a smooth, rich and intelligent sound, designed for both the fingerstyle player and singer-songwriter.
Now seen as some of the most desirable instruments in the world, we dive in a little more into the history of these two wonderful builders, Matthew & Matthias, and their magical brand of handbuilt instruments. Welcome to Luthier Focus on Casimi Guitars...

The Birth, The Journey & The Future of Casimi Guitars 

Having first met at school when they were seven years old, Matthew and Matthias have been best friends ever since. After some time apart with Matthew relocating to Germany with his family, Matthew returned to Cape Town and ventured into the world of music as a performer and jewellery designer. Matthias, however, falling in love with guitar building, jumped at the chance to become an apprentice with South Africa's premier luthier Marc Mainguard. A few years later (around 2007) Matthew join Mainguard Guitars and started working alongside Matthias, until the two branched out on their own to start Casimi Guitars.
Matthew and Matthias visited us last year, please enjoy this Talking Guitar episode from their visit:
"We unite the disciplines of design, music and craftsmanship with the aim of taking the hand crafted acoustic guitar to a new level. This is pursued with uncompromising passion and dedication. We have known each other since early childhood and have been building and collaborating on projects of all shapes and sizes since then..." Matthew Rice - Casimi Guitars 
"Today we hold ourselves and each other to extremely high standards as designers and builders of some of the most sought after bespoke instruments in the world. Our combined knowledge and experience in music, sound, performance, craftsmanship, design and art, gives us a unique edge in producing tailor made guitars for discerning players and collectors..." Matthias Roux - Casimi Guitars.

The Guitars - Body Shapes:

"Our first aim is to produce guitars that sound and feel exceptional. They must instantly transport the player and the listener to a dimension of pure sonic joy. Our second aim is to produce guitars that look as good as they sound and feel..." - Casimi Guitars

The C1 - Grand Concert Model:

The smallest body shape Casimi Guitars build, the C1 has an incredibly powerful sound, with a lot of mid-range and high-end punch. Perfect for the fingerstyle player, the sound is complex and incredibly versatile. Available in the Casimi Signature range also.

Guitar Specs:

  • LENGTH: 19. 3/8"
  • WIDTH: 15. 3/8"
  • DEPTH: 4. 3/8"
  • STANDARD WIDTH @ NUT: 1.3/4"

The C2 - Grand Auditorium Model

A favourite of many touring fingerstyle musicians, the C2 is a wonderful instrument, giving a slightly larger and deeper body than the C1, which in turn gives a little more power in the lows and overall volume. As with all Casimi guitars, the C2 is a beautifully balanced instrument with an articulate and sophisticated voice. There is plenty of sparkle and clarity in the high notes and depth and power in the mids and lows. Although aimed more towards the fingerstyle player, the C2 is a fantastic all-rounder. 

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