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Luthier Spotlight - Jeff Bamburg!

Colorado's Jeff Bamburg is one of the finest exponents of the natural/scientific method in modern guitar building. Although he has a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural materials that we works with, Jeff uses many cutting-edge techniques in order to fine tune the response and timbre of his beautiful guitars.

Each Bamburg guitar is made entirely by hand from the finest tone woods available. The clean lines and beautiful proportions of Bamburg guitars show off these master grade materials to the full.

The Bamburg range goes from small-bodied fingerstyle instruments to jumbo strummers and everything in between!

In this Talking Guitar interview with the man himself we learn more about the process that goes into making these amazing guitars.

We currently have the following Bamburg guitars in stock:

FSC in Quilted Sapele and German Spruce

This is a gorgeous smaller bodied guitar that while intended as an exceptional finger style guitar, also handles a pick beautifully! The Sapele gives it a more fundamental timber with the immediate response and detail coming from the German Spruce soundboard.

FSC in Ziricote and Adirondack Spruce

This FSC has a huge amount of headroom due to the Adirondack Spruce soundboard. The Ziricote back and sides work a lot like the finest rosewood with a more precise overtone series.

JSB in Wengé and German Spruce

Wengé is an African hardwood that has become one of the premier alternatives to endangered species such as Brazilian Rosewood. This guitar has a super-fast response with a wide tonal spectrum, long sustain and beautiful harmonics.

This instrument also features elegant ebony-capped arm and cutaway bevels for extra comfort.

Bamburg In Session: Adam Miller

Finally, here is Australian virtuoso Adam Miller on a Bamburg JB model showing off the range and power of this amazing guitar. Adam is in standard tuning here and the bass is huge!

For more information about Bamburg Guitars, or to book an appointment, please get in touch

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