Our first Macmull Custom Guitars arrive!

We are incredibly excited to be the first dealer in the UK to stock Macmull Custom Guitars from Jerusalem, Israel, and have fallen head over heels for the five fine instruments that now reside in our London showroom.

The company itself is the result of three very passionate individuals joining forces to push the envelope on what’s possible in the realms of recreating the tone and feel of vintage guitars, with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to the craft that sets them apart from their contemporaries. This wonderful trio is made up of Tal Macmull, a master luthier who has been involved in building high end custom electric and acoustic guitars for over 15 years, Amit Sadras, producer/engineer and guitar player and lastly Sharon Levi, professional guitar player and the face of their product demos and outreach.

This collaboration came to a head in 2015 as the trio took a year long hiatus in which they studied and experimented with a host of vintage guitars and build methods in lieu of finding out what made the old guitars that they really connected with tick. Through this year of intense research and collaboration they found their way developing what is now known as their RVT System (Real Vintage Tone).

This system works to ensure that the guitars consistently adhere to their very high standards in sound and playability, and is essential given the way the team put the guitars together. All of the bodies and necks for Macmull guitars are individually built and then paired up based on their resonant frequencies and of course finished in vintage correct nitrocellulose lacquer.

The body woods, either swamp ash or alder, are old and kiln-dried and selected for their weight. This brings us to a crucial part of the Macmull ethos, which is that lighter wood sounds better and delivers more of the dry, vintage tone and makes for an exceptionally responsive and lively instrument. It’s by this token that Macmull’s pricing brackets are also their weight brackets; the lighter the guitar, the more its going to cost and the better it’s going to feel and sound.

The final touch, and testament to the sheer dedication and hard work of the team, is the pickups. Each guitar features a set of hand wound pickups made and voiced specifically for each guitar and its particular resonance, of course based on the sound one would expect to find in that particular instrument with a particular blend of alnico magnets particular to each.

Of the fine examples we have brought into our showroom, 2 are S-Classics, 2 are from Macmull’s Heartbreaker series and the last of the set a T-Classic. These stunning instruments all have an incredibly authentic vintage feel and sound to them, with the only deviations from their painstaking accuracy being the extremely comfortable 9.5” fretboard radius they share as well as lovely Dunlop 6105 fretwire.

Here's a rundown of our five guitars that are currently in stock:

Macmull Private Stock S-Classic Electric Guitar, Lake Placid Blue - £6,250

This gorgeous Private Stock Macmull S-Classic is an incredibly authentic take on one of the most iconic electric guitars in popular music.
The Macmull ethos centres around the idea that lighter wood is the best sounding and feeling for an electric guitar, and given the Private Stock nature of this particular instrument, the body is made from premium lightweight kiln-dried alder.
This choice of tonewood makes for an incredibly dry and responsive guitar and when paired with the straight-grained maple neck and Madagascar rosewood fretboard, it really does make for a fine example of what this legendary wood combo is capable of.
The neck is a very comfortable Oval 'C' shape and coupled with the 9.5" fretboard radius the guitar plays very smooth and fast all across the board.
One of the hardest parts of the classic 'S' sound to nail down is the sound of the pickups, but with Macmull's hand wound RVT Alnico 3 pickups and electronics, using all the best components to hand, the guitar ends up with all the snap and punch of its vintage counterparts.

Macmull Diamond Superlight S-Classic Electric Guitar, Black - £7,250

This striking Macmull Diamond Superlight S-classic is a fantastic example of the fine work and craftsmanship of Macmull Guitars in Israel.
Featuring all of their finest appointments and design aspects, such as a super lightweight Alder body and Hand Wound RVT Alnico 3 pickups voiced specifically for this guitar, it really is the crowning jewel of the small entourage of Macmulls in our showroom.
The Superlight body comes from the idea held by the trio at Macmull, that the lighter the wood, the better it is for the construction of vintage sounding and feeling instruments.
You can certainly see why as this guitar has a very 'broken in' feeling right away, and even unplugged has all the snap and punch you would expect from its vintage counterparts.
The guitar owes its striking looks to the choice of black covers on a black body, set off by a lovely tortoise celluloid pick guard, which gives a slightly more 'custom' feeling to the guitar atop the heaps of vintage-esque mojo.
The vintage 'C' shaped neck and 9.5" fretboard radius make for a very comfortable and fast player, with great access and tone across the board.

Macmull Heartbreaker Custom Electric Guitar, Royal Orange - £4,495

This striking Heartbreaker Custom in Royal Orange is Macmulls take on one of the most iconic electric guitars in history, albeit in this case with a few twists that make it something very special indeed.
Starting from a traditional foundation the body is made up of a single piece of lovely kiln-dried Alder, hand picked as with all Macmull guitars for its lighter weight and resonance, the idea being that lighter wood sounds better with a sharper attack and dryer, more 'vintage' tone.
The next big contribution to the feel and sound of the guitar is the Premium Maple neck topped with a Madagascar Rosewood fretboard, and with an Oval 'C' profile and 9.5" radius it truly does a spectacular job of marrying authentic vintage feel with maximum playability.
The guitar features a set of Macmulls custom p-90 style pickups, which really set the guitar part from other 't-type' instruments. These slightly more powerful single coils deliver a bold and fat tone while retaining the punch and sparkle often lost in p-90 style pickups.
In all the guitar comes together to make an authentically vintage feeling instrument that proves incredibly versatile, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.

Macmull Heartbreaker Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst - £4,495

This Macmull Heartbreaker is an awesome take on one of the most iconic guitars in history, and who better to take on such a task than this passionate trio of die-hard vintage tone chasers.
The Macmull ethos centres around the idea that lighter body woods sound better, so for this guitar we have a lovely lightweight kiln-dried ash body which not only gifts the guitar with a gorgeous dry and present tone but also makes for an exceptionally comfortable gigging guitar.
The next essential aspect of the guitar is the neck, in this case a lovely piece of straight grained maple with a 60's style 'C' profile topped with a 9.5" radius Madagascar Rosewood board. Its an incredibly comfortable neck to play and with the vintage correct and well sprayed nitro finish, has all the allure of its vintage counterparts.
Last but certainly not least, the guitar is electrified through a set of superbly voiced alnico 3 single coil pickups, very reminiscent of the pickups you would find in an old Broadcaster with heaps of midrange bite and thick harmonic texture while retaining a notably vintage output.

Macmull T-Classic Electric Guitar, Black - £3,450

This killer Macmull T-Classic is a truly authentic feeling and sounding iteration of one of the 1950s greatest offerings to popular music.
Handmade in Israel by a trio of diehard vintage tone chasers these guitars set out to capture the pure vintage tone and feel of those great old instruments, while maintaining a consistency and reliability of a modern built guitar.
This all starts with the body wood. At Macmull the idea goes that lighter wood sounds better, with a sharper attack and greater resonance to get a foot in the doorway of the vintage ballpark.
This particular guitar features a lightweight, kiln-dried two-piece Alder body which brings with it a punchy and dry tone with resonance and sustain to match, which is of course then sprayed with a lovely black nitrocellulose lacquer.
The next port of call is of course the neck, which on this guitar is made up of one piece of premium straight grained maple. With an exceptionally comfortable Oval 'C' shape the guitar is a pleasure to play and very fast in part due to the ageing on the back of the neck freeing you from sticking to the lacquer.
The pickups in the guitar are a specially voiced blend of alnico 2 and 5 magnets made to perfectly emulate the classic twangy, hollow tone of vintage T-type guitars.

These are all fantastic iterations of some of the most iconic guitars in popular music history, and all I can say is if you really want to know how good they are, come on down to our showroom and plug one in!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about and listening to these wonderful instruments, and that the weekend ahead is a great one!

Brian Love


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