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Manchinga Madness!

Spalted Manchinga (Brosimum Alicastrum) is a spectacular tone wood originating in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. It has come to prominence in the past decade as a visually arresting and great sounding back and sides material with minimal environmental impact.

Seen here in the early stages of a Kostal Guitars MDW build, Manchinga is rare in that it is a spalted wood that is strong enough to be bent into shape as the sides of a guitar.

Manchinga Madness

Here's the finished Kostal MDW, as we may have mentioned... pretty spectacular!


Noted luthier Mike Baranik was an early advocate of this fantastic wood and we were delighted to see one of his Manchinga OOm models in our pre-owned section this week!


Tonally Manchinga has a lot of the attributes you'd expect in top quality Rosewood. The overtone content is rich and defined in a Manchinga guitar and in the case of this Baranik the Sitka Spruce soundboard gives an immediacy to the initial attack that makes this a wonderfully expressive fingerstyle guitar.


It also features other signature Baranik flourishes such as the oval shoulder sound port and the fully adjustable neck. It's a 13-fretter too, occupying the sweet spot between 12 and 14 fret instruments.


You can see it in action right here!

So, if you're wondering what woods to choose for your next bespoke guitar and want something that looks and sounds amazing, then Manchinga should definitely be on your radar! For more information on this or other tone woods or to book and appointment please do get in touch

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