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Martin Guitars D-28 1943 - The Original Dreadnought!

This Martin Guitars D-28 1943 Acoustic Guitar Adirondack / Brazilian Rosewood is back in the TNAG showroom after an intensive inspection, neck re-set and set up from one of the UK's leading Martin expert David King of Dave King Acoustics LLP.

This guitar is quite a rare find and is in absolutely magnificent 'museum' like condition and inspiring to play. The instrument was resprayed some 22+ years ago, however, everything else is all original including the case!

Here is what Dave King has to say about the instrument:


"...There are a couple of things that give the guitar away as having been resprayed. For example, when I removed the neck a small build-up of lacquer was visible around the neck join.

Saying that it was done many years ago and very well !!! It’s a great guitar..."

Dave King - Dave king Acoustics LLP, Unit B Knowl Hill Farm, Knowl Hill, Kingsclere, Berkshire,RG20 4NY, Tel, 01635299137.


As we know the Martin D-28 is an absolute benchmark dreadnought and early D-28s rank as some of the most collectible acoustic guitars ever. When Martin introduced the D-28 in 1931, it laid the groundwork for where the acoustic guitar industry would go. Very few D-28s were made in the first several years of production, up until a switch was made from a 12-fret to a 14-fret neck in 1934. By 1943, other changes include a decrease in nut width and the use of scalloped bracing.

Comes with original case (new handle).

Please see letter attached from the current owner.

Notable Players: Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley

Martin Guitars D-28 1943 Acoustic Guitar Adirondack / Brazilian Rosewood.

  • Serial number 86006.
  • Herringbone Trim
  • Adirondack Top
  • Brazilian Back & Sides
  • Scallop bracing

For more information on this iconic instrument please email us or call +44 (0) 207 835 5597.

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