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New B&G Little Sister Crossroads Models Arrive

First came the Crossroads in Tobacco Burst with P90s, then came the Crossroads Midnight Ocean with Humbuckers, and lastly we are delighted to announce that we have received the first batch of B&G Little Sister Crossroads in Tobacco Burst with Humbuckers and in Midnight Ocean with P90s.

We have seen incredible demand for the Midnight Ocean colour with Humbuckers that we just knew we had to bring some in with P90s, and the humbuckers in with B&G’s Tobacco Burst finish.

While the Crossroads are now offered in colour and pickup options, the award-winning design is constant in all models; Mahogany bodies, B&G’s Standard top, which is also found on their Private Builds, and build quality that belies its price tag.
See the humbucker version in Midnight Ocean in action below:

And you can now choose your top from our first batch here now.
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