New Arrivals

New FSC & JSB Arrivals From Jeff Bamburg

The arrival of a pair of exquisite new instruments from Colorado luthier Jeff Bamburg is always cause for celebration here at TNAG and watching these guitars come to life from raw lumber to the finished instrument never fails to astonish us. The first of these instruments is a beautiful FSC model in figured Ziricote and Adirondack Spruce!

We have found this to be a superb wood combination in the hands of luthiers who build with a super-fast response and articulation in mind. The Adirondack Spruce gives you as much headroom as you're ever likely to need and the Ziricote lends a light wash of reverb and upper partial harmonics to the trebles that makes for an extremely wide and rich range of timbres to explore.

As with any example of Jeff's work, this is an elegant instrument with a clean, uncluttered look and beautifully proportioned lines inspired directly by the Fibonacci sequence and golden ratio. Indeed, although FSC stands for Finger Style Concert Jeff says it could just as easily stand for Fibonacci Sequence Concert!

Like all Bamburg guitars, this instrument features a cantilevered neck (rather like an arch top) which means that the end of the neck has no point of contact with the soundboard. This turns the usually unexciting (and unexcitable...) territory past the UTB (Upper Transverse Brace) into an extension of the soundboard's sweet spot.

It's the little details such as the counter-sunk Gotoh 510 tuners with their Ebony buttons that show the care and attention that each Bamburg guitar receives. We love the elegant lines of Jeff's headstock design, part Stromberg, part Art Nouveau...

You can hear this superb guitar in action below!

Next up is a powerful and rich JSB model in Wengé and German Spruce with an arm bevel and beveled Venetian cutaway for extra comfort. This is a wonderful example of the modern SJ (Small Jumbo) at its best.

This picture shows the Ryan-style forearm bevel. It's amazing what a difference this makes to the playing experience. The guitar is supremely comfortable and there is no loss in bass response. This can be a tricky balance to get right but in this case it's spot on.

This shot shows the straight grain of the Wengé back and sides. Wengé is an African hardwood with an extremely high Q rating (In simple terms this means it's extremely reflective) making it an ideal wood for acoustic guitars. In the case of this JSB it gives a sophisticated, lush quality to the treble notes and a pure sustaining texture to chords and solo lines alike.

One of Jeff Bamburg's signature aesthetic touches is the use of the same wood in the rosette as he uses in the back and sides of each instrument. This gives each of his guitars a clean, cohesive look.

The beautifully cut bone nut up against the Ebony headstock fascia and Koa coach-line purfling all attest to the quality of this inspiring instrument.

You can watch this beautiful guitar in action below!

And you can learn more about Jeff Bamburg, the man and his work in this Talking Guitar interview.

For more information about these guitars or to book an appointment please do get in touch If you're into Olson or Ryan style instruments then you owe it to yourself to take Jeff Bamburg's work very seriously indeed.


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