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New Luthier: Brice Roggero

French builder Brice Roggero's style will easily draw comparisons to a few other beloved TNAG luthiers.

With a sparse elegance and deliberate asymmetry, Brice's guitars are sure to interest any fans of Ray Kraut, Michi Matsuda, or Max Spohn. He's clearly a guitar maker who believes that the guitar should be art as much as it should make art. He's not just in rarefied company when it comes to the visuals, though. For modern players who err on the side of adventurous solo fingerstyle playing, the continuous curves and small to mid-sized range of his models offer three distinct voices with varying strengths, available with a variety of contemporary design features like soundports and multi-scale set-ups. Whatever combination of tonewoods and features he uses, the balanced tone and excellent playability of his guitars is winning over players of all stripes.

Our introduction to Brice came through Jamie Gale's Boutique Guitar Showcase, which featured one of his guitars in the 2021 show. The RGo-M in Pau Ferro and German spruce sounded fabulous in the hands of Carl Miner, and didn't last long in our showroom...

Very soon we'll be receiving the first of two guitars from Brice's workshop in France, followed by the second in the autumn. Please join us in officially welcoming Roggero Guitars to the TNAG roster!

Sold out

The RGo-M is truly versatile. It possesses a well-balanced voice with warm bass notes and clear trebles. This body shape is perfect for fingerstyle players, and because it also handles strumming adeptly, it is a must-have for singer-songwriters. If you could only have one acoustic guitar, this is the one to have.

This guitar is due to arrive in July 2022.

Sold out

The RGo-S is surprisingly powerful. It has a warm, intimate voice. This 00 size model with a 12-fret body joint is extremely comfortable. A great choice for fingerstyle playing, composing and recording.

This guitar is due to complete in autumn 2022.

While we wait, don't forget to check out the Roggero Guitars luthier page, as well as Brice's own website!


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