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Our First B&G Little Sister Private Builds All-Mahogany & Poison Ivy Arrive

Our unrelenting love of B&G Guitars is no secret. The buzz and demand for these incredible guitars only ever seems to intensify further with every passing day, and B&G has this year added more options to its Private Build models. We are delighted to have received two new Little Sister Private Builds with just a couple of these new options, as well as our second guitar from the limited run of Proper Copper models.

B&G Little Sister Private Build All-Mahogany Electric Guitar #779

The first new arrival is an all-Mahogany Little Sister Private Build with a non-cutaway Mahogany body and a nitrocellulose open-pore finish. This guitar features lightly-aged, unlacquered hardware, adding to the glorious matte finish.

B&G Little Sister Private Build Electric Guitar, Proper Copper #6

We've also received our second Little Sister Private Build Proper Copper model. This very limited run of 25 guitars features a stunning finish that combines copper powder with nitro lacquer, along with rose-gold plated brass hardware, a special engraved pickguard and a backplate showing the serial number.

B&G Little Sister Private Build Electric Guitar #767, Poison Ivy

The third new arrival is our first B&G to feature the new Poison Ivy finish. This stunning Little Sister Private Build features the incredible Kikbucker pickups, which are noiseless P90s but have a bit more of a focus towards the characteristics of a traditional single-coil.

For more information on these or any of our other B&G Guitars, please do get in touch by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or by emailing us here. View our current inventory of B&G Private Build models here.

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