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Our Highlights of 2019

We've had an amazing year at TNAG and we wanted to run you through some of our personal highlights.

Of course we have to start with the opening of TNAG Nashville. 

We also moved into our beautiful new showroom in Hemel Hempstead...The new UK home of TNAG!

We've filmed lots of amazing TNAG Sessions this year and we are so grateful to all of the artists who have come in and played for us. But here are the sessions that particularly stood out for us.

We were delighted to get a visit from Blair Dunlop, who came in and performed his track 'Spices From The East' on a Kostal MD in our UK showroom. Not only did we love this session, but so did Jason Kostal himself. This resulted in Jason Kostal joining the TNAG team and Blair for another TNAG session and a lovely dinner afterwards.

Here is a wonderful session from sensational singer songwriter Kerri Watt:

We're also very excited that we've added many talented luthiers to our roster this year including;

Taran Guitars:


Pellerin Guitars:


Skytop Guitars:


We also added the master himself Mr Ervin Somogyi to our roster and were lucky enough to bring in two truly phenomenal Studio models that set the showroom alight. 

We have had some incredible interviews this year with some inspirational artists, authors and of courses luthiers. Here are just a few of our favourite interviews this year:

Jason Kostal comes to town on a flying visit to TNAG:

 Willie Porter:

And of course the incredible Mr John Stubbings, author of The Devil Is In It...and of course a very dear friend of TNAG:

The welcomed the wonderful Annie & Brian to the TNAG Team!

What a year it has been and we hope you have enjoyed the ride with us. So from all of us here at The North American Guitar we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year.

Kind regards


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