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Our Teuffel Black Birdfish Arrives!

We are both outrageously excited and honoured to say that our brand new, Black Birdfish Custom from master builder Ulrich Teuffel has landed in our London Showroom and subsequently blown our minds. 

This all new design for the Birdfish model features Ulri's first foray into using Ebony in the construction of the now iconic instrument. With the tonebars and neck comprised of Ebony married ingeniously with Maple in a manner that yields the tonal palette so unique to Ulri's guitars while harnessing the aesthetic majesty of an all Ebony instrument. 

When I first opened the heavy duty flight case of the Black Birdfish, my initial reaction was genuine speechlessness. Being my first encounter with a Teuffel instrument I had a lot to take in, and was floored by the design and workmanship on display in every detail of the instrument. From the adjustable Ebony covered humbucking hand-wound pickups through to the in-house, custom made screws in the locking nut mechanism the guitar speaks volumes about Ulri's history in high-end guitar building and engineering. 

Upon plugging the guitar in it became very clear that Ulrich is himself a guitarist. The felt glorious and comfortable from the start with an immense amount of resonance present and active under the fretting hand in a manner that felt tailored to inspiration.

The volume, tone and pickup selector blade reside in what at first felt like an unusual location, but after a few moments the ergonomic feel and accessibility became apparent, with the ease of dialing in tones in the moment very much another string to the bow of this fine instrument. 

So when the guitar came out of its case, the most pressing desire at hand was to plug it in and journey through the huge range of tones available from it, with the short clip at the end of the unboxing video catching that first impression.

Needless to say, having spent more time with the instrument since, we are all truly blown away by the Black Birdfish and what it has to offer in the world of boutique electric guitars, as well as the craftsmanship of the man behind it.

Teuffel Black Birdfish Custom Electric Guitar - £17,950

  • Scale 648 mm 
  • 3 different humbuckers, covered with Ebony
  • 2 different single coils, covered with Ebony
  • Neck: Hard-rock maple covered with 1.5 mm of Ebony
  • 1 set of tonebars from mahogany, covered with 1 mm of Ebony
  • 1 set of tonebars from alpine maple, covered with 1 mm of Ebony
  • Logo inlayed in stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel frets from Wagner. 

For more information on Teuffel guitars, or if you want to talk about this magnificent instrument in particular, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email at or call in on 0207 835 5597.

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