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Pick Of The Week: Episode 2. Taran Guitars

In this week's episode of Pick of the Week, Nick's talking about two guitars from the masterful hands of Rory Dowling in Scotland, UK. Taran Guitars are extremely special and we're lucky to have been graced by the DS10 and DS11 models.

Here we have two sensational models, starting with a Tirga Mhor DS10 in Macassar Ebony and Adirondack Spruce as well as an Oreval DS11 in Mastergrade Claro Walnut and Tunnel 13 Redwood (which has already flown the nest!).
It's no surprise that these two beautiful Tarans are our pick of the week, watch our video to find out why.

Taran DS10 Tirga Mhor MK11, Acoustic Guitar, Macassar Ebony and Adirondack Spruce- $15,550

Taran DS11 Oreval Acoustic Guitar, Mastergrade Claro Walnut & Tunnel 13 Redwood- SOLD

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