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Pre-Convention Rosewood Guitars in Stock!

We are committed to responsible stewardship of the finite existing supplies of quality tone woods and to their legal and ethical exportation. Since the latest changes to the CITES rules for import and export of all the Rosewood (Dalbergia) species came into effect we have been following the situation closely and are on hand to advise.

We currently have some beautiful "pre-convention" Rosewood guitar in stock and we are happy to arrange the paperwork necessary to export these instruments internationally free of charge for the next month.

First up is this wonderful Bourgeois DBJC in Indian Rosewood and Redwood!


Check it out below!

Also available is this stunning Bourgeois Advanced Slope D in Indian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce. A powerful, sophisticated Slope Shoulder.


Check it out below

Cocobolo is a superb tone wood and in the case of this Froggy Bottom M Deluxe it gives the player immense sustain coupled with beautiful natural reverb.


Take a look below...

Finally here's a stunning Froggy Bottom C Deluxe in Guatemalan Rosewood. This is a superb OO, everything you could wish for in a small body Rosewood slot-head.


Check it out below!

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