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Pre-Owned Archtop Arrivals! 1995 was a very good year...

Two beautiful USA made archtops have just arrived in our pre-owned section, a Guild Artist Award and a Heritage Sweet 16!

Both these instruments were built in 1995 and feature figured Maple back and sides with Spruce Soundboards. Here's a closer look at the Sweet 16.

Heritage guitars are built in Kalamazoo Michigan. That should sound slightly familiar... indeed it's the original someplace of Gibson guitars who relocated to Nashville in the mid 1990's. Heritage guitars are famed for their quality (they're made by ex-Gibson staff who were unable or unwilling to relocate) and this is a great example.

Gorgeous deep sunburst all over with

And here it is in action!

The Artist Award is Guild's flagship arch top model and with this guitar it's easy to see why! This is a beautiful instrument with tone to match its art deco styling.

This was made in the Westerly Rhode Island workshop before Guild were bought out by Fender, and it is an excellent example of a production arch top.

Now that's a headstock!

Watch it in action below!

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