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Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration 2016 Report!

Santa Barbara California... a truly spectacular location for a guitar show!

Santa Barbara - Not bad...

We were very excited about this show as we knew that many of the luthiers we represent would be there and in many cases they would be debuting brand new designs! First up is Dale Fairbanks with his astonishing "Super Smeck" based on a one-off Gibson from 1935 this design couples a Roy Smeck body with Super 400 appointments and neck!

Jeff Bamburg brought an absolutely stunning JSB fan fret model designed to bring out the best of the bass and treble response across the sonic spectrum.

Jeff also brought the first examples of his new line "Rocky Mountain" guitars in which he merges his cutting edge luthierie techniques with a more traditional build. Check out this video to see the new OM and dreadnought models!

Michael Greenfield brought his amazing new model the G5! This gorgeous instrument is modern take on the terz guitar. Tuned A to A it sounds absolutely wonderful!

Tobias Lindberg of TLL guitars had a stunning new 17" arch top with him. Typical of Tobias' work, this beautiful guitar features his elegant sense of design, great response and a very musical and inspiring voice.

Joel Michaud had his new O-R model with him and it's wonderful! African Blackwood with a Moon Spruce soundboard and a 13-fret body join, this is a punchy little parlour with a big voice!

Andrew White brought two examples of his hand made range which used the same high quality tone woods as his Korean production range! In this case we're looking at a Koa Model E, the model that inspired the Eos guitar.

Rick Turner, the man, the legend... Here he is with a stunning Model 1 and the coolest story of the weekend...

Ted Åstrand's Å-OM design is one of our best sellers and this gorgeous ABW model shows why! Ted's inlay work is incredible and this beautiful guitar features an atomic collision on the fretboard!

Michael Bashkin is about to send our first of two exquisite guitars. It's an SJ in Honduran Mahogany with a Moon Spruce soundboard and it sounds gorgeous. Michael's fan fret design is one of our favourites adding tonal and ergonomic advances to what is already a powerful design!

For more information about the work of any of these luthiers or to book an appointment please do get in touch

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