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The Avian Skylark Design

The Avian Skylark is Avian’s most radical design. While it has been known to divide opinion, there’s no denying there is method to its madness.

The Skylark, designed by US luthier Harry Fleishman who is renowned for his unusual designs and offset soundhole, has an interesting body shape, slightly narrower than the Songbird shape, with a higher waist line and smaller upper bout, meaning you get a big bass response for a small instrument, with the sort of sweetness usually associated with 000 and parlour models.

In addition to this, the sound holes are offset onto the bass side on the upper bout, promoting a tighter bass response that’s ideal for drop tunings.

The Skylark is available in Rosewood, Mahogany and Maple back and sides options, as well as with Avian’s exceptional Fan Fret design, that comes courtesy of Avian chief designer and TNAG luthier Michael Bashkin.

The electro-acoustic models feature an impressive BBand A2.2 XOM pickup system with a discrete pre-amp hidden just inside the soundhole.

But what difference does the Fan Fret make to the tone of the Skylark? In the video below we’ve taken two identical spec Avian Skylark models - the only difference is that one has a multi-scale, Fan Fret neck and the other has a single 25.4” scale length.

Take a listen to the video below to hear the difference between the two:

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