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Kostal OMc in Walnut & German Spruce Arrives

It has arrived! A stunning Kostal OMc Walnut & German Spruce ...

This is an utterly stunning OM in Walnut and German spruce from luthier Jason Kostal of Kostal Guitars. One of the first OMs in walnut we have ever order and frankly after playing it, this it will not be the last. It is an incredibly well balanced, articulate and warm sounding instrument giving you everything you would expect from an OM in regard to playability and versatility but with a subtle warmth from the Walnut.

We feel walnut gets over looked when spec'ing out a high end instrument as so were over the moon when we heard this guitar was in build at Kostal Guitars HQ. Whether this is particularly special set or just the wonder of Jason’s build and voicing technique, this walnut OM shines inside and out.

Not only is it aesthetically beautiful to the eye and could be hung on the wall in any art gallery across the globe, it is tonally outstanding. When playing this OM, we found you can dig in as aggressively as you want and not lose any of the depth or you can play as subtly as you like and not lose any of the clarity. This is a seriously versatile instrument. The guitar is rich with warm overtones and incredible sustain and is wonderfully comfortable to play.

Being one of the very few guitars Jason spec'd out himself for himself, TNAG was lucky to snap this from his workshop prior to it being exhibited at The Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase back in October. Here is a little interview we did with Jason (by the river) at Woodstock.

Quote from Jason Kostal...

“The OM is still the universally acknowledged guitar for being a multi-purpose instrument really geared towards fingerstyle but capable of everything else you throw at it. If I had to pick a Desert Island guitar, an OM would be the one that I would take with me…”

Players' Notes: Jimmy Owen - TNAG

"The first aspect that grabs you by the scruff of the neck is the guts this instrument delivers. Jason Kostal has produced yet another juggernaut of tone. It balances a massive bass without being boomy, sweet and angelic trebles without being shrill, producing a rather bell like vocal. The soundboard is living and active, this thing really breathes with you. The german spruce of this instrument sings to you as if you were in a room with Joan Sutherland herself."

The instrument, if it were a picture, would be hung in the Tate, the rosette is stunning and the binding is blinding. Playing wise, the guitar is what you would expect from Jason Kostal, the neck so smooth and silky with a fretboard like a runway with full access to the higher frets. This guitar can give you everything from a whisper to a roar, lyrical lines to full out strumming and more. One guitar you need in your arsenal!"

For more information on this stunning Kostal OMc in Walnut please contact us on or call +44 (0) 207 835 5597.

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