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Talking Guitar: Froggy Bottom Limited Guitars

In this episode of Talking Guitar, Michael Watts focuses on what makes a Froggy Bottom Limited range guitar, and why they have proved so popular over recent years.

The Limited range is Froggy Bottom's flagship series, featuring some of finest tonewoods, both sonically and aesthetically, including Cocobolo, Quilted Sapele, Malaysian Blackwood and Quilted Maple to name a few.

The Froggy Bottom K Limited in Honduran Mahogany and Adirondack Red Spruce with Abalone perfling above, and below is the beautiful Sapele Mahogany of the Froggy Bottom M Limited.

Regardless of the tonewood used, every Froggy Bottom Limited guitar is hand-built, face-down on a bench with no moulds, meaning the guitar is made and voiced with the aim of bringing the best out of the materials.

Additionally, the soundboard on Froggy Bottom's Limited guitars has a slight curve to it before it is attached to the rim, providing a unique kinetic energy, tonal range and response.

Also, what sets Limited range guitars apart from Froggy Bottom's other series is the Number Seven inlay, which features hand-dived Abalone, meaning it hasn't been exposed to sunlight or sand, which can diminish its quality. This helps to maintain the perfect appearance of this wonderful natural material.

We have commissioned a number of bespoke builds from Froggy Bottom guitars, and the Limited range is a great starting point to spec'ing up your perfect instrument.

Please click here to see our current range of Froggy Bottom guitars and for more information on Froggy Bottom guitars, please call us on 0207 835 5597 or email

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