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Talking Guitar: Bruce John Dickinson of WaterBear

We had the pleasure of interviewing Little Angels lead guitarist and the founder of BIMM (British Institute of Modern Music) Bruce John Dickinson last week here at The North American Guitar showroom to talk about his new college WaterBear, guitars, and the music industry.

A fierce guitarist (and fisherman) with a passion for anything vintage, Bruce talks us through his influences growing up as a musician, the birth of what was originally the Brighton Institue of Modern Music, the current state of music education and why WaterBear is coming at a great time...
What is WaterBear?

With a plethora of courses taught by leaders in their field, such as Rob Chapman of Chapman Guitars and Paul Sayer of The Temperance Movement to name a few...WaterBear courses have been designed for people who are active in the creative industries. Their BA (Hons) and MA programmes are for:
  • Musicians
  • Producers
  • Songwriters
  • DJs
  • Solo artists
  • Tour and event managers
  • Creative sector entrepreneurs
WaterBear's role is to help students effectively join the dots and establish a realistic and achievable career strategy. They firmly believe that a career in the creative sector should not be viewed as a risk. It should instead be seen as an exciting proposition full of possibilities, being built on the firm foundations of transferable skill development, adaptability and the achievement of high-level qualifications for wide-ranging employability.
For more information on WaterBear College please contact Bruce.
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