New Gerber RL15+ Models Arrive

As many of you will know we started working with new (to the TNAG roster) guitar builder Ryan Gerber of Gerber Guitars last year. After watching him for a few years and playing some of his instruments at various shows around the world, we agreed to become his European representative and order two guitars to get the ball rolling. The rest, as they say, is history!

Ryan has an elegance to the lines of his builds that can be compared to a number of our European luthiers. His beautiful rosettes, head veneers and end grafts all give a tip of the hat towards the overall subtlety and theme of the instrument, but it is the magical Gerber tone that really sets these guitars apart and puts this young luthier on a very very exciting path. In a world where social media is such a huge part of every musicians, luthiers and business day to day life, Ryan is the silent jedi that lets the guitars do all the talking...and boy oh boy do they want to shout from the rooftops!

For me a Gerber guitar ticks all the boxes, whether you are a fingerstyle player who is only interested in DADGAD or other drop tunings, a fingerstyle blues player only interested in noodling at home or a singer-songwriter in a studio or on stage, the RL15 & RL15+ Gerber models do it all. They are incredibly well-balanced instruments, that have a sparkle to the highs and mids that shimmer straight out of the case and a depth and warmth in the lows that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. But for me personally, it is the playability of his guitars that really get me excited. Similar to that of a Froggy Bottom, the neck is smooth and manoeuvrability up and down the fretboard is a joy.

But what do others say? Enough from the dealer, let's hear what people are actually saying:

"What to say about the Gerber? I’ve never heard anything like it before. I thought the my other guitars were exceptional (and they are), but to get all that tone out of a smaller body is remarkable..." MM - Owner

"I am absolutely blown away by this instrument, what strikes me the most is the balance of its frequencies. The highs are sweet and flute-like with a rich and velvety bass, none of which are overpowering. It covers all the major territory for me, punching through for fingerstyle yet harp-like on its strumming attack, the feel in the hand is silky and the access to the upper frets is seamless. The guitar itself is nothing shy of a work of art, it’s aesthetically stunning and the attention to detail is out of this world. This instrument just keeps you coming back for more and inspires each time you pick it up." .. Jimmy Owen - Session Musician

"Beautiful guitars..." Mike Dawes

"Ryan is building some of the finest guitars I have ever played. I first came across his work last year, I have one at home and considering ordering a second..." RP - Owner

“Ryan’s guitars are amongst the best I’ve ever encountered. They combine the almost impossible task of sounding huge whilst also accommodating a light touch if you have one. You don’t need to fight these guitars to get the best out of them. I knew from the first time I played an RL15+ that it was coming home with me!” Stuart Ryan.

As with all Gerber Guitars, they do not hang around. We recently had the arrival of our Clara Walnut RL15+, but as soon as musical guru Stuart Ryan played it, as he said above, it was going home with him.

Gerber Guitars Model RL15+ Claro Walnut & Master Swiss Moon Spruce

Gerber Guitars Model RL15 Macassar Ebony & Master Swiss Spruce

Gerber Guitars Model RL15 - Macassar Ebony & Master Swiss Spruce

This guitar was one of the first two guitars we received from Ryan Gerber. The first sold before it arrived, and this one followed it out the door soon after thanks to an incredible performance from Mike Dawes in our demo video.

Just arrived...

Gerber Guitars Model RL15+ Honduran Mahogany & Master Swiss Spruce - £7,000

This is one of those guitars we have been waiting all year to receive and all we can say is it has been worth the wait. Built in a superb set of Honduran Mahogany and Master Swiss Spruce, this RL15+ gives you absolutely everything you need in an acoustic guitar. It is hugely powerful and yet contains a voice that is sweet and subtle. She will let you push her to the limit with a flat pick without bottoming out and still sustain and project with the lightest of touches. Ryan has yet again built a truly magnificent all-round instrument with the player in mind.

A dedicated family man with a passion for the outdoors, Ryan Gerber is driven by his goal to create instruments that can make your heart melt and that is why we love him and his guitars! Keep on doing what your are doing Ryan, we are very proud to be representing your brand!

Look out for some incredible new Gerber Guitars heading our way in 2019, all slots will be available here, and all incoming guitars available to pre order. For our bespoke service and ordering your bespoke Gerber guitar, please contact us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or by email here.

Have an incredible week.




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