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B&G Caletta Private Build Acoustic Guitars Arrive

When I first found B&G Guitars back in 2014, like many it was because of 'that' video, you know, the one that hooked us all, the one that leads you into this small boutique guitar workshop and shows us all the birth of the 'Little Sister'. For me, like many, it was love at first sight. The guitar, the video, the music, the people all looked so cool and made me think "we need to get these guys into TNAG".

But the love we have for B&G Guitars runs much deeper. It's not just for their guitars but mostly for the people behind their guitars. Why? Because in our eyes B&G Guitars (the underdog) have done it, they've won, they have single-handedly managed to do what so many small boutique brands are unable to do and paved a way in this busy guitar market that will now be here for generations to come. And we feel incredibly proud to have been a part of that journey...

When I first picked up the phone and called Avi Goldfinger, the CEO of B&G Guitars, in Israel back in 2014 to talk about getting some of these 'Little Sisters' into the UK guitar market, and why TNAG was the best place for them to do this, he explained his vision for the company, what he wanted B&G Guitars to become and how he wanted B&G Guitars to get there. "My dream is for B&G Guitars to be bigger than G****n (you fill in the blanks)...", and he was not joking! He explained how he wanted to create a guitar brand that not only had a wide range of instruments & accessories at different price points, that was appealing to all ages but most of all had the strongest customer loyalty & buyers club mentality out there...Fast forward five years later and boy, oh boy, have they done that! With over 150,000 likes on Facebook, millions of views on YouTube and celebrity endorsees all over the world, B&G Guitars are here to stay and here to yet again shake up the guitar world with something very very exciting!

Year on year since 2014, we have seen customers lining up to get their hands on the latest B&G models as soon as they hit the TNAG website, whether that is the latest finish on a Little Sister, the new solid body Step-Sister, their bass the Big Sister or, of course, the award-winning Crossroads (winner of The Guitar Magazine's 'Guitar of the Year' award in 2017), the innovation and design of B&G Guitars always causes quite the stir! And this year is no different! After almost two years of waiting we are incredibly proud to announce the launch of the very first B&G acoustic guitar - The Caletta!

"When designing the B&G Caletta, our aim was to create a guitar with the great tone of a quality vintage instrument, achieving unsurpassed playability and striking a perfect balance between lightweight construction and structural integrity.

Starting with our choice of woods, our soundboards are made of either old growth Sitka Spruce or Genuine Mahogany, which have been air dried for over twenty years. Sitka is generally stiffer than other species of Spruce, allowing us to minimize the plate’s thickness without losing tonal integrity. These tops yield an immediate response, great dynamics and a full tonal palette with a strong fundamental and an extended treble response. Our Genuine Mahogany soundboards are reserved for the all Mahogany builds (top, back and sides), which are characterized by a warm, woody tone and a very musical light compression. Every soundboard’s thickness is determined by our targeted stiffness, and is usually taken down to about 2mm, allowing us to achieve our optimal responsiveness and dynamics..." Avi Goldfinger CEO / B&G Guitars

Staying true to their envisioned tone, B&G brace their soundboards with a relatively closed traditional X-bracing pattern, allowing for a punchy, yet full-bodied sound. This, combined with the warmth and musical tone of the 12th fret neck-to-body join, and a perfectly tuned sound hole, results in a very balanced instrument indeed.

All braces are made of European (Alpine) Spruce, where their stiffness-to-weight ratio allow for an unhindered soundboard resonance. After gluing them to the soundboard, they are pre-voiced (made lighter) until all are satisfied with the braced soundboard’s stiffness and weight. The final voicing is done after the guitar is assembled and strung, fine-tuning the guitar’s tone and response to B&G's exacting standards. For resonance’s sake, the guitars are as light as possible, using 2mm back and sides plates and Spanish Cedar neck blocks and linings.

"We also aim to make our guitars as structurally stable as possible, intelligently reinforcing the upper-bout area (neck-to-body joint) by adding as little weight as possible to the guitar, thus reducing the need for neck-resets down the road..." Avi Goldfinger CEO / B&G Guitars

To top everything off, the Caletta’s unique combination of ergonomic measurements truly takes it to the next level: The unique body size is small enough to comfortably wrap yourself around, yet not too small as to lose proper bass response. The narrow nut and wide bridge string spacing allow for easy right-hand picking while retaining left hand relaxed positioning, and B&G's signature soft V neck profile gives itself to various hand and thumb positions equally well.

The best way to describe the Caletta is that she is a hybrid cross (or love child) between a Parlour and a OOO, 12 frets to the body, snappy as hell and incredibly comfortable. In all honesty, she won't be for everyone, her voice is not the most sophisticated sounding guitar in the world nor the loudest but oh my lord, is she fun to play! One of those guitars we all own that you noodle on for hours, is your idea box that you just cannot put down to eat or sleep! She is the perfect blues machine...

More good these are the very first Calettas to hit the European market, they come with the lowest serial numbers (see below for what we have in store), all B&G Calettas also come with B&G's 10-day Money Back Guarantee are available to purchase at a special introductory price, saving 10% off the full price.

We only have five in the showroom at the moment and expect the demand to be very high so please do not hesitate to contact us to grab yours now.

B&G Caletta Private Build #004, Koa & Sitka Spruce:

B&G Caletta Private Build #021, All-Mahogany


For more information on the B&G Caletta, incoming stock and bespoke orders please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email us here.

Have a great weekend.



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