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The Casimi C2 Signature!

This superb Casimi C2 Signature arrived last week at TNAG HQ and was with us just long enough for us to get it photographed and filmed! Those of you who have been following this two-man team from Cape Town South Africa will notice that this guitar is a slight departure from previous builds in that is features Casimi's astonishingly tight Venetian cutaway.

From this angle you can see the soundport, arm bevel and hollow carved bridge of this beautiful instrument.

This is a 12-fret guitar, but as you can see the cutaway gives you access to the whole of the fingerboard past the body join. It's an amazing feat of craftsmanship. 

Each Casimi Signature grade guitar features a 3-D sculpted rosette decorated with a unique piece of brass inlay (Matthew Rice of Casimi Guitars is also a master jeweller) inspired by the place of origin of the back and side woods. In this case Africa!

Here's the player's POV...

Here's the hollow sculpted bridge, an ingenious design allowing the best of pin-less ad pinned bridge designs. A string change takes around 30 seconds!

And here is a close up of the hollow sculpted headstock!

This guitar was a joy to record and I'm very grateful to its new owner for granting me the time to do so. You can check it out in action below!

We have two Casimi guitars currently being built, a C1 in Ziricote which will have an Adirondack Spruce top.

And a Wengé C2 with a German Spruce top. 

For more information about these superb instruments or to book an appointment please get in touch

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