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The Fairbanks F10 - She's a little Queen of Spades

We've been looking forward to the arrival of this Dale Fairbanks F10 since we first confirmed the specs with Dale himself. Taking it out of the case and tuning it up actually gave us goose bumps, how Dale gets 100 years of tone out of a brand new guitar is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

As ever, the hand-applied sunburst finish is absolutely wonderful with a depth and richness that you will not see in a mass-production instrument.

The back and sides of this beautiful guitar are made of select Honduran Mahogany. The instrument is extremely light-weight and very lively and responsive. The bass notes rattle against your chest and the trebles snarl and sizzle.

A flash of gold grain in the Macassar Ebony headstock veneer adds a subtle contemporary touch to the vintage lines of this beautiful guitar.

To watch this powerful little blues machine in action click below!

Got a hellhound on your trail? For more information on Dale Fairbanks' amazing instruments or to book an appointment please do get in touch!

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