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The Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016!

We would like to begin by saying a huge THANK YOU and congratulations to everyone who worked on the organisation of the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin last week. Having attended events of this nature all over the world, we can definitively state that in only three years The Holy Grail Guitar Show has become one of the most important shows of its kind that there has ever been.

If it wasn't for the souvenir programme it would have been difficult to believe that this all actually happened!

Perhaps the most important aspect of this show as regards the long term future of the luthier-made guitar was the fact that, for arguably the first time ever, there was a palpable sense of community here in Europe. Something that we at The North American Guitar have always found lacking, and have fought to change in any way we can.

Before the show opened to the public there was a two day symposium for luthiers, players, dealers and other interested parties to discuss the past present and future of the instrument we all love. It was a great pleasure for Ben and me to take part in one such round table discussion.

We joined a panel of luminaries of the luthier-made, bespoke guitar scene to discuss the potentially hugely rewarding symbiosis between luthier and dealer in today's marketplace. The fact that this conversation was actually taking place here in Europe shows a seismic shift towards the luthier-built guitar and the quality and individual attention to detail that it offers the client.

L-R Jamie Gale, Pierre Journel (La Chaîne Guitare), Kevin Drost (Reverb) Juha Ruokangas, Ben Montague (TNAG), Michael Watts (TNAG), Grit Laskin, Ulrich Teuffel

The show itself was beautifully organised and extremely well attended with guitar lovers flying in from all over the world to see the stunning instruments on display.

Just a small part of the talent on display!

It was wonderful to catch up with Lame Horse Guitars and play some of their wonderful new instruments. Jeremy Jenkins' one-man sartorial crusade is strong.

A beautiful LH-14 model!

A gorgeous Saddlepal!

Phoenix Arizona's Jason Kostal had a new model hiding in the background... shhhh... (More next week...)

And Michael Spalt, not only the genius behind Spalt Guitars but also one of the founders of The Holy Grail Guitar Show! Here is his new "Gate" model with a pair of Fralin P90's and a bigsby.

This is the same shape as a custom objet d'arte piece with a double P90 at the bridge! This is an incredible instrument with a HUGE sound!

The Holy Grail Guitar Show will next take place in 2018 as the organisers plan to move it to the spring so as not to conflict with North American shows that usually take place in summer/autumn. We'll be there and we hope to see you there too!

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