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The Jens Ritter Princess Isabella Model

When the likes of George Benson and Prince ask you to build guitars for them, you know you must be a pioneer in your craft. Jens Ritter has developed a reputation for his guitars’ visual designs as much as their sound, but his Princess Isabella model does something else - it revolutionises the solid-body design to sound like a hollow-body archtop.

The Princess Isabella Guitar Concept was conceived during a conversation between Jens Ritter and New York jazz guitar collector Rudy Pensa. He asked how Jens might design and create a ‘jazz guitar’ using his established style and techniques of guitar building.

The challenge was to create an instrument that would have similar sustain, attack and basic sound characteristics of a traditional hollowbody jazz guitar, but with a solid body. After four years of continual design, research and development, Princess Isabella was born.

The Princess Isabella is Jens Ritter’s jazz guitar design featuring an unusually thin body, measuring just one inch at its deepest point.

The guitar’s string-through body acts as an ‘attack-delay’ mechanism and, instead of a traditional floating bridge, the guitar’s hand-carved bridge foot is mounted into a small hollowed area of the body and then the bridge is attached to the foot using small studs meaning the bridge is ‘semi-floating’.

The combination of these exclusive features create a hollowbody resonance, which results in a warm and open tone, typically found only in a hollowbody guitar.

The Blue Dragon is a Benson tribute, featuring an Alder body, Mahogany neck and black Ebony bridge, fretboard, pickup cover and truss rod cover.

Jens Ritter got the idea for the Blue Dragon concept after finding the blue and gold Chinese fabric in a shop right here in London. Jens bought all of the fabric that the shop had and has made a series of 25 Blue Dragon guitars.

See Stuart Ryan demoing our Jens Ritter Princess Isabella below.

Jens Ritter Princess Isabella 'Dirty Blue' - £12,500

Jens Ritter Princess Isabella 'The Blue Dragon' - £9,850

Jens Ritter's guitars are as much world-class instruments as they are statement pieces of art. In fact, Jens recently collaborated with artist Simone Rutz on a piece of art that incorporated one of Jens' guitars on a canvas that Simone painted with liquid iron, which immediately oxidised, creating a wonderfully textured artwork. In the video below you can see our friend Adam Miller demoing the guitar as well as an overview of how the artwork was put together.

For more information about Jens Ritter Instruments, please call us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email us.

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