The Master Ervin Somogyi Joins The North American Guitar

Today is without a doubt one of the proudest days for The North American Guitar. We can now officially announce to the world that after many months of hilarious conversations with this wonderful man, the master Ervin Somogyi has joined the luthier roster at TNAG (or The NAG as he likes to call us) for us to become his exclusive European dealer and representative.

It is certainly hard to put into words the pride we all feel here at The North American Guitar to be given the opportunity to represent Ervin's instruments and, of course, his legendary name and brand. I know it will be a truly great day for us all when we etch his name on to the TNAG website. Since its formulation back in 2010, The North American Guitar has always set out to build a home for the finest guitar builders on the planet, to help promote and market their guitars to as wide an audience as we can, and to add the name of Mr Somogyi to our team is a dream come true.

We have written at great length about the prestigious Somogyi Apprenticeship that Ervin offers to exceptionally talented young luthiers, many of whom we represent, and it's perhaps most fitting that the following kind words were sent to us by a number of Ervin's apprentices upon hearing the news that Ervin was joining our roster:

"Anyone at all involved in the world of handmade acoustic guitars is indebted to Ervin Somogyi. It is thanks to his visionary artistry that the field is at the high level that it is today." - Leonardo Buendia

“Ervin’s legacy is remarkable and the echoes of his influence are plain to see. To me he is the father of modern lutherie and I am massively grateful not only for how he has shaped me as a craftsman but as a person.” - Tom Sands

“I have big respect for Ervin as my mentor. I wouldn’t be the same luthier without the experience gained in my apprenticeship with him. He is a great luthier and artist, he keeps on inspiring me in many ways." - Michihiro Matsuda

“Few people have had the impact on modern lutherie as much as Ervin Somogyi. He has taken a field that, in the late 1960s, believed that the Martin style of building was the best path forward, and began to look at building techniques and concepts through a new lease. The result was decades of innovation and new ideas that improved playability, response, and the overall guitar experience.” - Jason Kostal

“He added a new sense of line and design to the mix and is one of a handful of people that began to look at the guitar as a beautiful piece of functional art. His greatest gift has been his desire to give back to the world by teaching others and sharing his ideas and beliefs through writings and presentations. His work is part of the foundation of modern built guitars, and his concepts and design ideas, which we see in so many modern guitars, are his legacy that will remain for years to come. Owning a Somogyi is about enjoying a heirloom quality art piece that informs us about our past while showing us where we are heading in the future.” - Jason Kostal

Both Ervin and I wanted to start this relationship off with a bang in true TNAG style by bringing not one, but two absolutely staggering instruments into the showroom, which we will be unveiling to the public very soon...

In the meantime, over the course of the next few weeks, we will be featuring Ervin as a guest blogger in our all-new TNAG Notes section on our newsletter, so watch this space...So from all of us here Ervin welcome to 'The NAG'. it is going to be one hell of a ride...

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