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The NAMM Report 2019: Part Two

In the next chapter of our 2019 NAMM blog we spend a little more time in Hall E chatting to a selection of our ‘Electric’ luthiers about what they have been conjuring for this years NAMM Show and diving into what we have incoming into The North American Guitar showroom this year. We hope you enjoy…

James Trussart Guitars

As always the James Trussart Guitars NAMM booth was absolutely packed from start to finished every day, but we managed to grab James for a quick chat about what is incoming to TNAG and his latest news from his LA showroom...

Trussart Guitars Just Arrived...

Deluxe SteelCaster, Shell Pink on Relic Cream Roses


Deluxe SteelCaster, Cream On Red Rose


Teuffel Guitars

The mastermind of Ulrich Teuffel and his outrageously beautiful guitars never ceases to amaze us at TNAG and his latest models displayed at his BGS (Boutique Guitar Showcase) booth certainly was the talk of the show. Launching his new version of the iconic 'Birdfish' called the Black Birdfish, Ulrich talks us through the build techniques, construction and development of the guitar...hold on tight cos this will blow your mind...

Incoming 2019 Teuffel Guitars...


Jens Ritter Instruments

It would not be NAMM Show without the sale frenzy of Jens Ritter Instruments on day one of the show, breaking a personal NAMM record and having his entire table sold within a few hours it is no surprise why the NAMM show attendees flock to catch a glimpse of these masterful instruments. Jens is a mastermind designer, luthier and artist and at the pinnacle of his career, creating guitars that quite literally take your breath away at their beauty!

Ritter Guitars In-Store and Available at TNAG Showroom...

Ritter Instruments - Princess Isabella 'Dirty Blue'


Isaac Jang Guitars.

Seeing Isaac Jang makes anyone's day better, the most positive and friendly luthier on the planet, who happens to be building some of the finest guitars in the world right now. Having announced Isaac was joining The North American Guitar luthier roster at last years NAMM show, we saw a staggering amount of orders coming flooding through the TNAG doors, making his order book jam-packed until 2020. This year we got our hands on his very first SJ model, that absolutely melted my heart...So much so I wanted to run out the door with it under my jacket! A rich, warm and incredibly articulate voice, this was a staggering example of Issacs capabilities as a luthier. Built in one of the finest sets of Brazilian Rosewood I have seen and heard, it had a full bodied tonal range with oodles of sustain and shimmering treble. So we just had to order one...Specs TBD!!

Isaac Jang 2022 Build Slot just opened...

Well, that is it for another year of NAMM updates, we hope you enjoyed this year's videos and interviews, we have a few exciting announcements still to release from this year's show so look out for those in next week's TNAG Newsletter.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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