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Our Second Nik Huber Rietbergen Adam Miller Signature

Adam Miller is, in many people’s opinions, including ours, one of the most gifted guitarists of our time. A virtuoso on both acoustic and electric, with a level of feel and groove that is very rarely seen, Australian Adam Miller could make a shoe box with rubber bands around it sound good.

But the thing is, Adam doesn’t play a shoe box. As an instrumental guitarist, every element of his tone is his voice, from his fingers through to his guitar, pedal and amp choices.

While pedals and amps inspire in their own ways, it is the relationship between player and guitar that really triggers inspiration, comfort and satisfaction to truly portray yourself as a player in the best possible way.

Enter the Nik Huber Rietbergen model. We caught up with Adam at the NAMM Show in January at the Nik Huber booth, where we managed to get a few minutes to find out how the Rietbergen became his main electric guitar, and why he chose the wood combination and pickups:

There are some great pieces of footage of Adam playing his Nik Huber guitar on YouTube, including the below session with Premier Guitar:

The first guitar we ordered had only been in the TNAG showroom for a few days, and before I’d even finished writing the original blog, the guitar had sold!

So, we decided to order another, which is now in our showroom and listed on our site.

Nik Huber Rietbergen Adam Miller Signature Electric Guitar, Natural Finish - £6,850

  • Exceptionally Curly Redwood Top
  • Mahogany Body (Hollow w/ Middleblock)
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Ebony Headstock Veneer
  • 25 1/2" Scale length
  • 2 x Lollar Gold Foil Single Coils
  • 1 x Master Volume, 1 Master Tone, 3-Way Toggle Switch
  • Ebony knobs
  • Includes hard shell case

This second model is available to buy now. For more info on Nik Huber, please get in touch by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or by emailing us.

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