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The Red Rockets Finally Land!

We have been waiting for these guitars for what seems like a lifetime! Ever since we first set eyes on Red Rocket Guitars back in 2016 we knew they would be a perfect fit for our customers and the TNAG showroom! The brainchild of luthier Matt Nowicki out in North Carolina, USA, Red Rocket infuses a traditional, vintage look and feel with contemporary design, that is all completely handcrafted from start to finish.

Each and every Red Rocket guitar is totally custom made the old-fashioned way, one at a time, to the client's exact specs with the best materials and components available. All woods are private reserve level woods, vintage tone caps and custom wound pickups, with custom binding and purflings. All creating the perfect mix of vintage vibe with roots in the golden age of guitars.

A bit from Matt himself...

"I’m the one who chooses the lumber, wires the parts, does the cutting, sanding, painting, polishing and I’ve got the splinters to prove it. Many years ago I got a degree in sculpture and, after a few fantastically lucrative years (insert sarcasm…), ended up in London ad agencies as the guy who could draw and knew how to use the brand new (at the time) Macs. I worked as a creative and photographer in ad and design agencies, honing a sense of balance and proportion and how to add that funky, eye-catching little detail. I was eventually drawn back to working with my hands on real objects for real people and guitars became the perfect canvas.

Guitars are intensely personal and have so much incredible history behind them. And let’s face it, they’re just plain fun. I love thinking up new combinations of colors, wood, and sound and seeing the instrument emerge at the end into something that has a life of its own...".

So what do we have in the showroom...

Red Rocket Classic Deluxe Atomic Electric Guitar, Three-Colour Sunburst - £3,250

Red Rocket Two Tone Atomic, Pale Mint Blue & Trans Dark Cream - £3,250

Red Rocket Atomic, Caddy Green - £3,250

Red Rocket Burst Rocket Master, Three-Colour Sunburst - £3,850

These guitars really are out of this world, enjoy the astonishing playing by our dear friend Stuart Ryan and for more information or to book a test flight please contact us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or emailing us here.

Have a great weekend!


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