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The Scott Walker Katana - Redefining the Electric Guitar - Video

It's no exaggeration to say that Scott Walker's astonishing Katana design makes you re-assess the way you approach the guitar! This beautiful, minimalist instrument embodies the same simplicity and clarity of purpose as the samurai blade after which it takes its name.


At its heart this guitar is simply two pieces of wood, a figured Mahogany body and a Cocobolo neck, joined together using an ancient Japanese woodworking technique.

Neck joint with no glue or screws. #katana music by #bjcole

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The neck fits into the body like a key in a lock, a small wooden block is then hammered in making a permanent join. This techniques makes for an astonishingly resonant and responsive guitar.


The electronics centre around a single Lollar Johnny Smith small humbucker, a connection wire, and the output jack. That's it. There are no controls other than the hands of the player.


The pick guard, tail piece and output socket are made from rolled Damascus Steel and there is a floating Ebony bridge. Guitar

Incredibly simple and yet amazingly exhilarating to play, the Scott Walker Katana absolutely blew my mind and we can't wait for the next one to arrive! Check this astonishing guitar out below!

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