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The Spalt Vienna Model!

The Spalt Vienna model is a truly beautiful electric guitar. Powerful, responsive and a joy to play!

Gold Top #2 - £5450

This wonderful single-cut instrument features a hollow one-piece mahogany body which gives some extraordinary "air" and vibrancy to your tone.

The spruce/pine top is then covered in a layer of clear resin which works like the Maple cap on a Les Paul adding highs and punch.

The detail work is breathtaking, from the violin-like Viennese carve of the body to the bone-top P90 pickups and reclaimed Bakelite knobs.

Vienna "Gate" #27 - £4250

As much a unique work of art as a truly inspirational musical instrument, the Vienna model is one of the most exciting single-cuts we've ever played.

Vienna "Gate" #24 - £4250

These wonderful instruments need to be appreciated in person. Please do get in touch for more information or to arrange an appointment on

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