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The Greenfield G5: The Voice of an Angel

Back in October 2016, we took a trip out to California for the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instrument Celebration guitar show, which happened to be the first time we had the pleasure of meeting the world's first Greenfield Guitars G5 model (or as Michael Greenfield likes to call it, the 'mini' or 'wee' G). It was also here that we very quickly realised that Michael Greenfield had built something truly, truly special, and the G5 love affair began.

It is hard to describe just how sweet the voice of the G5 is, but Michael has somehow managed to create clarity and sustain from this little box, like we have never heard before. So much so that when first hearing the transcendent playing of our dear friend Will McNicol on it, tears actually filled my eyes. 

For those of you who do not know the Greenfield G5, it is a soprano guitar.  Designed and created by Michael specifically for his singer-songwriter and fingerstyle player customers, who spend a lot of their time with a capo around the 5th fret. The tuning is based on standard tuning at the 5th fret A to A and is basically the parallel opposite to a baritone instrument guitar down five frets to B to B.

Due to its small size, the G5 has also been used by many of Michael's clients as the perfect travel guitar as it can easily be carried on as hand luggage.

"It is the perfect recording instrument, as well as for home playing. Great for layering different voices bringing different colours to the pallet you wouldn't find on a regular guitar," says Michael Greenfield.

Will McNicol playing the G5:

As you can imagine, the Greenfield G5 is an incredibly popular model for Michael, making them extremely hard to come by. So we quickly ordered the next one that will available in the world:

Greenfield G5 - East Indian Rosewood & Sitka Spruce

Incoming 2020 - £11,950.00 (Deposit: £4,200)

  • Model G5
  • Soprano guitar – tuned A - A
  • Sitka spruce soundboard
  • East Indian Rosewood back
  • East Indian Rosewood sides, laminated
  • Ebony body bindings
  • Greenfield, proprietary spalted Beech and blue paua rosette
  • Compound 16” – 20” radius, quarter-sawn ebony fingerboard
  • 111/16” nut width
  • 21/8” string spacing at bridge.
  • Honduran Mahogany, carbon graphite reinforced neck
  • “Standard” neck profile
  • Ebony peghead overlay, w/ “g” logo
  • Custom fit Accord flight case.

The masterful Mr Greenfield...

For more information on this incoming Greenfield G5 or Greenfield Guitar please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or email us here.

Enjoy the videos and have a wonderful weekend.

Kind Regards


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