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This Week In TNAG Presents...

It's been a true pleasure this past week getting in depth and up close with some of the remarkable instruments that reside here in our London Showroom, with the spotlight this week on four magnificent electrics from Bunting, Spalt Instruments, PRS and Nik Huber. 

All four of these wonderful guitars have distinctly individual voices, which made for a very interesting journey going between them. From the bold simplicity of the Bunting Spiro through to the hugely tweakable onboard electrics with the PRS Collection series Brent Mason Model, there's something in this mix for everyone!

So lets take a closer look at this week in TNAG Presents:

The Spiro was a great place to start with this weeks run, with it's stripped back rock'n'roll aesthetics and versatile tonality. It was also an absolute treat to have our dear friend Ben Smith feature in the playing side of the video, coaxing out some lush, Cooder-esque cleans in the first clip and some raucous blues/rock crunch in the second part. 

A straight forward and inspiring instrument!

The Vienna Custom was great fun to dive into, and as with all of Michaels builds has tones of unique and characterful appointments that provide the guitar with a varied tonal range and magnificent feel. 

I love the grunt and bark of the BoneTop pickups in this instrument when you dial in some gain on the amp, but the crystal clear and articulate cleans absolutely blew me away. Killer tones and a totally unique, instantly recognisable Spalt Instruments look.

So this was a rare treat. The Collection Series Brent Mason Studio Model from PRS is an unbelievable example of what Paul and his team are capable of out in the Private Stock department. 

With signature electronics and 408 pickups, this guitar is the perfect studio tool. There's very little in the realms of tone that this sensational instrument is incapable of conjuring up, and each with the lively and exciting response that makes this such a joy of a guitar to play.

The Rietbergen Standard is a great way to close the weeks run of videos. We're all huge fans of Nik's work here at TNAG and this instrument captures all of the things we love most about his phenomenal builds.

Tonally the guitar has a wide range and feels so lively under your hands its hard to feel anything short of inspired with it. The combination of this instrument with our Victoriette combo floored me, clean tone heaven.

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