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TLL Guitars New Model - The Marvin! Available now!

Sweden's Tobias Lindberg (TLL Guitars) recently launched his new model The Marvin. This beautiful single cut, bolt-on instrument is a customiser's dream come true and we really enjoyed speccing out the first examples of this wonderful design to come to the UK! We have two Marvins in stock now with more to come. Have a look below and let us know how you'd spec yours out!

The first of these guitars is a retro inspired, daphne blue beauty with some very cool features! Aesthetically we wanted to have a touch of 1950's-1960's cool with nods to the more esoteric guitar brands of the time such as Wandre, Teisco, Egmond and others but with the sophisticated sound quality and playability that only comes from a luthier-built instrument.

The Marvin is made from African Khaya, a wood very similar to Mahogany. In this case we asked for a flamed Maple neck too and it looks gorgeous. The Ebony fretboard contrasts beautifully with the parchment pickguard.

The electronics are a pair of strat-sized McNelly gold foil topped humbuckers. These achingly cool units look stunning and sound superb. Great cleans and some very hairy overdriven tones!

There is also a secret weapon in the form of a "Blow" switch hidden in the tone control. This bypasses the tone and volume wiring and sends your signal straight to the output jack into the amp for more detail in your tone and the ability to summon up harmonic feedback at useable volume levels!

The distinctive TLL Headstock is capped in Ebony and the guitar feels wonderful to play. This instrument is a huge amount of fun!

Check out out below!

1950's Kalamazoo was the inspiration for our second Marvin with its gold top finish, block inlays and wrap-around bridge!

This guitar has a Khaya neck and body and once again features bolt-on construction. Poof positive, were any needed, that set-neck construction is not the be all and end all when it comes to getting convincing Les Paul style tones!

With its contoured body and light weight, this Marvin is a joy to play and tonally it is superb! The pickups are a pair of Lundgren P90's with a 3-way selector and master volume and tone knobs which are smooth and musical when run clean but eyebrow-raisingly belligerent if the need arises...

The bound headstock of this guitar features a beautiful rosewood cap continuing the modern/vintage theme.

Check it out in this demo video!

We are delighted with these new guitars and look forward to showing them to you in person, they really are very special! TLL guitars are available exclusively in the UK through The North American Guitar. Please do get in touch for more information or to book and appointment at


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