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TNAG Bespoke
Since the birth of The North American Guitar in 2011, the bespoke instrument process has been at the heart of our business model.
From the initial consultation at our London showroom or via phone or email with one of our guitar experts, to the delivery of the finished instrument, we advise and guide you through the process from start to finish.

We discuss all your tonal and ergonomic requirements...

...and talk about design and inlay concepts and possibilities... well as advising on the finest tonewoods available.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience is at your disposal throughout the process, to ensure, your next instrument will be unique, beautiful and created for just for you.
Please find below a number of testimonials from previous TNAG Bespoke clients:
“Great service from the TNAG bespoke team from shaping the original idea, helping with the spec of woods and design, working with the luthiers right through to delivery. Truly personal service.” GC
"I had never thought about having a guitar built just for me until I found TNAG and met Ben and his team. Right from the start, I felt they knew exactly what I was looking for in my head and heart. Searching for the tone..from start to delivery I loved every minute of the process.."PB
"I read so many interviews and articles about the likes of the Somogyi, Greenfield, Kostal, Traugott etc..and the responsive guitar, I finally decided I was ready to find that 'holy grail' guitar, the one I could say 'this is it'! After two consultations and many emails discussing wood options, and my favourite luthiers, I took the plunge. The sad thing is this won't be my last guitar!" JS
TNAG Bespoke, here to make your dream guitar a reality. For more information, please get in contact by calling +44 (0) 207 835 5597 or emailing us.

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