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TNAG Heads To Greenfield HQ

Michael Greenfield has been part of the TNAG DNA since we first drew the lines of our logo. He is one of the top luthiers in the world and we are incredibly proud to represent him, his work and to call him a friend. Ever since first meeting Michael at our 1st anniversary dinner at Mosimann's I have wanted to fly out to Montreal to see his work shop ‘The Woodnest’, and this Sunday I finally get to do so…But before I go into the trip and why we are meeting lets just take a look at this incredibly well respected luthier….

"My name is Michael Greenfield and I am passionate about tone. Great tone. FAT tone. I believe in squeezing every last molecule of tone out of my guitars…."

While playing music professionally in the 1970s, Michael began setting up and repairing electric guitars. By the 1990s, this had evolved into a career repairing and restoring vintage and antique guitars. Having had the opportunity to examine so many of those iconic pre-war and early 20th century instruments was an invaluable education. Michael, was able to examine, measure, play, learn and hear those wonderful guitars!! It also pointed out the typically issues that need service down the road, which he attempted to engineer out of my own instruments. Very clever indeed!

"Maintaining the guitars of so many musicians nurtured my understanding of how to address the needs of players with varied repertoire, styles and musical needs. I bring all of this to my craft and my current work. My goal is that you are not just satisfied but THRILLED with your new guitar…”

If you have not yet heard this great interview we did with Michael back in 2012 click the link below…

Michael handcrafts bespoke guitars for those who wish to experience the exhilaration of playing a truly responsive instrument, fashioned to the highest standard. Each TNAG / bespoke commission begins with a personal consultation with one of the TNAG Team and Michael Greenfield himself.The choice of model, specifications, materials and options combine to make your Greenfield Guitar a truly one-of-a-kind instrument – tailor-made, exclusively for you.

Here are a few examples of a recent G2 in the Tree we commission Greenfield Guitars to make for our client…

Over the course of the past 20 years, Michael have handcrafted more than 250 guitars and have carefully collected and seasoned a large inventory of tonewood; some of which was milled many decades ago….Which brings me perfectly on to why I am flying out to The Woodnest to meet the man himself!

The North American Guitar has just commissioned Greenfield Guitars to begin making 3 instruments and for the first time ever we are going to document our process and decisions on what to order!

At this stage all we know is we are going to (possibly) build a GF, G5 (baby G) and possibly a G2 …. but it could all change when we are out there.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on what you would like to see us bring into the TNAG showroom please feel free to email us on

Look out for my regular updates on our Facebook Page and Instagram.

Have a great weekend!


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